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Howard Phillips Lovecraftbetter known as HP Lovecraft, was an American writer known for his horror and science fiction stories. He was fascinated by Arabic and Greek mythology, about which he wrote his first works.

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After his father’s death, Lovecraft’s maternal grandfather continued his education. It was he who introduced the writer to the gothic horror genre, which he spent hours reading in the library. From an early age he showed himself to be gifted, reading poems at two and writing them at six.

Important in the horror genre, Lovecraft proved himself gifted even as a child.Important in the horror genre, Lovecraft proved himself gifted even as a child.

He began working on an astronomy column for the Providence Tribune. He then continued to earn money with short stories for various magazines, until Their stories began to capture the public’s attention.. His activity was divided into three periods: macabre stories (1905 to 1920), the Sleep cycle (from 1920 to 1927) e Cthulhu Mythos (from 1925 to 1935).

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The best poems of Howard Phillips Lovecraft

1) The book

2) Persecution

3) Ocean

4) port sirens

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