Attention is paid to the cause of the Chinese fishing boat capsizing… Taiwan Coast Guard: “There is no video record”

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While the cause of the Chinese fishing boat capsize accident that occurred near Kinmen Island on the 14th is attracting attention, Taiwan’s Coast Guard (Coast Guard) announced that there were no video records that could serve as important evidence to determine the cause. The controversy is expected to continue for some time as China claims that the capsizing occurred due to a collision with a ship in the Sea.

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According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency on the 23rd, Zhang Zhongrong, head of the Haesunseo Department, met with reporters the day before and said, “The Haesunseo patrol boat CP-1051, which was dispatched on the day of the incident, was a vessel of 10 tons or less and did not have a video recording device installed, and the hull was heavily damaged at the time of the chase. “Due to the shaking situation, the crew members were not holding video recording devices in their hands,” he said.

Department Director Jang said, “There is no video record at the time of the accident, but there is other evidence such as witness statements, so it has no effect on determining the cause and responsibility of the accident.”

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On the 14th, a Chinese fishing boat that was fleeing to avoid inspection by the Taiwan Sea Order capsized near Kinmen Island, resulting in the deaths of two Chinese nationals.

Based on statements from China’s surviving fishing boat, Chinese authorities claimed that the Haesunseo patrol boat rammed the Chinese fishing boat and capsized.

On the 21st, Zhu Penglian, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Chinese government’s Taiwan affairs department, said, “After Taiwan’s violent response on the 14th, which resulted in the capsizing of a Chinese fishing boat and the deaths of two Chinese fishermen, Taiwanese authorities have stopped enforcing the law. “We expressed our position that there was no mistake in the process,” he said. “However, following strong demands from compatriots and bereaved families on both sides of the Strait, the Taiwanese authorities belatedly announced that a Taiwanese coast guard vessel collided with a Chinese fishing boat, which capsized the fishing boat and led to the death of the fishermen. “I admitted it,” he said.

Spokesperson Zhou also said, “We strongly condemn the Taiwanese authorities’ rough treatment of Chinese fishermen, their violent law enforcement with disregard for human life, their vicious efforts to conceal the truth, and we express strong anger at their inhumane words and actions after the fact.” “He emphasized.

He continued, “We cannot neglect matters related to human lives,” and added, “We strictly demand that Taiwan reveal the truth of this incident, severely punish those responsible, apologize to the bereaved family, and provide an accurate explanation to the bereaved family and compatriots.” .

Source: Donga

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