One Piece, chapter 1095: what time does the new episode debut, where and how to watch it

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The anime a piece continues with its weekly chapters, with the Egghead bow officially underway and what would be the Final Saga of Eiichiro Oda’s creation.

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The production of Toei animation returns in this new cycle with a different visual style compared to what was seen during the Wano saga, where we will see more pastel colors with soft and simplified lines to pay greater attention to details. Furthermore, the plot should revolve around Sabo and the Revolutionary Army.

In the most recent chapter of the new chapter, Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard faced each other, after a short break with a compilation episode to remind the audience of the character Law develops. Now we enter chapter 1095 of the anime.

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One Piece, episode 1095: when it debuts

The studio in charge of producing One Piece, Toei Animation, has confirmed that Egghead Arc chapter 1095 will be released on Sunday 25 February. Chapters are premiered in simulcast weekly.

One Piece, chapter 1095: what time does it debut?

Episode 1094 of the series will premiere internationally this Sunday February 25th. These are the chapter premiere times by country:

  • Chile and Argentina starting at 5.30am.
  • Venezuela starting at 4:30.
  • Colombia starting at 3:30.
  • Mexico starting at 1.30am.
  • Spain starting at 9.30am.

One Piece, chapter 1095: where to see it

The next release can be seen in simulcast (simultaneous broadcast worldwide, starting from Japan) on the platform Crunchyrolleven if it no longer has exclusivity ‘A piece’. On this platform the episodes are broadcast in Japanese with subtitles in different languages.

Episodes also premiere every Saturday Netflix but with a certain delay and not on the same day as the premiere in Japan.

Source: Clarin

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