Max, Willi and Capi, the triejas who got married and made history in Uruguay: “It was very nice to see the three families together”

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Rehearsal wedding, wedding, three-person wedding. As you prefer. The truth is that one of these, the first of the almost hundred years of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, was achieved on February 24 in El Pinar, Canelones. A symbolic polyamorous alliance that will remain inscribed in the history of that country.

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Max Adoue (45), Guillermo Mendizábal (44) and Guillermo Picart (33) – Max, Willi and Capi respectively – got married at a party so as not to forget that they brought their three families together for the first time. The couple dreamed of a photo of them in the center and their loved ones around them and that postcard was consumed at the end of their dream night.

Their figures stand out because the three of them are dressed in white and naked and the rest in black and naked. Each wore similar clothing in general, but different in detail. Idea in tune with their intention that the clothes represent their personality. One more formal, another informal and the third a mix of both. Like them in their daily lives in Montevideo.

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The rings have a history of their own. Following the symbolic thread, Max, Willi and Capi had special rings made with three different types of gold: silver, rose and common. With the help of a chemist, once they chose the design, they combined the colors. “We are the Lord of the Rings,” Max joked during a conversation with Clarín.

Willi and Max added their alliances to those they had already had in place for more than twenty years, when they got married in Argentina, their native country, and still didn’t know Capi.

Picart joined the couple in 2019, a few months before the pandemic. She “found a good vibe” with Max about her in Uruguay, where she had been living with Willi for several years, and one day Max asked her if she wanted to meet her husband, who was traveling at the time.

They got married on February 24 in Uruguay.  Photo: courtesy of Max AdoueThey got married on February 24 in Uruguay. Photo: courtesy of Max Adoue

Capi thought about it, but when Willi returned everything flowed. The little ones met Max’s husband and during the birth they did not disapprove of the possibility of sharing walls. Their attraction was almost immediate, so much so that during the birth they started looking for an apartment where the three of them could move separately without anyone knowing. As soon as the agreement was reached, a few hours later they were living together in a house for three in Uruguay.

At this point a review is not out of place. Max and Willy met in Argentina, got legally married, emigrated to Uruguay and there in 2019 Max met Capi, to whom he proposed meeting Willi upon returning from a trip.

Once Guillermo returned, the three formed a loving relationship almost from day one. Capi moved into Max and Willi’s house and on February 24 this year the three got married. Note that Max and Willy are legally married and Capi, the “new” one, is united with them in a symbolic way.

The symbolic ceremony was a way to close a stage in the country.  Photo: courtesy of Max AdoueThe symbolic ceremony was a way to close a stage in the country. Photo: courtesy of Max Adoue

Behind the wedding

Was there a formal marriage proposal?

M: It’s not like there was a formal or romantic proposal and all that. After a year together, we designed some rings and made a commitment without giving it too much name. But when we received the proposal to move to Luxembourg, that’s when we said, well, it would be nice to organize and formalize the wedding with all the symbolism and loaded with a lot of things that we wanted to do..

The wedding was also a sort of farewell, “a way of closing” his stay in Uruguay. Max is a hotelier, Willi is an accountant, and Capi is a website and application programmer. Willi recently had the chance to go to work in Luxembourg and it is there, in that tiny European country, that the three will live for the next few years.

This is why the idea of ​​getting married had been talked about for “a long time”. To see if there was something legal that protected them in every situation.

“We said, OK: What can we do? Something to have for protection. Because we see, nowadays marriage, in addition to the symbolic one and everything else, has a part of legal protection”, said Max.

They searched for documents in other countries, but found no certainty about the possibility of legalizing a triple marriage or that any protection would recognize them as spouses.

At the wedding their three families met for the first time.  Photo: courtesy of Max AdoueAt the wedding their three families met for the first time. Photo: courtesy of Max Adoue

“Here in Uruguay the legislation doesn’t exist and, with the little time we had, there wasn’t enough time to tackle something a little stronger, so we decided to opt for a symbolic wedding that had everything that every wedding has : the intentions, bringing everyone together: family, friends. I’m just having a good time,” Adoue explained.

Being polyamorous

Max and the Guillermos benefit from their tripartite relationship in two small daily trifles: 1) squashing small daily arguments; 2) For Max, in particular, calling his partners is very simple. You just have to shout “Guillermo!”

Is the personality difference very noticeable?

Cork: Depends on what. In small things you always find one on one side, another on the other and one that falls in the middle..

Who is at each extreme, what are those extremes, and who is in the middle?

Cork: The extremes range from serious and orderly to the opposite, I would say. I mean, I’m the messiest, Willi is super organized and you (Max) are like in the middle, you seem a little tidy..

Max signs the documents.  Photo: courtesy of Max AdoueMax signs the documents. Photo: courtesy of Max Adoue

How do the families of the three get along? What was it like seeing the three of you together at the wedding?

Cork: At the wedding it was nice to see them together, they got along very well. This is something that, the truth is, we’ve been very lucky. When I arrived at his family’s place I had open arms, everything flowed, it was really beautiful. Seeing them all there together, I think that was the first thing we thought of when we said wedding..

Although Willi and Max’s families knew each other, the families of the three had never been together in the same physical space until the wedding. The wedding brought together people from various parts of Uruguay and Argentina. Max is from Salta with family in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Willy is from Entre Ríos and Capi, Uruguayan with family in Montevideo and the interior.

How did you deal with the media impact of your wedding?

M: We wanted the issue to have some visibility knowing that we couldn’t legally get married or try to do a lot of other things, because time-wise we were running out of time. I am very surprised that every day since we celebrated the wedding, more and more media are raising the profile, with an ever greater impact. Clearly there’s a reason why this is surprising..

Max and Willi have been together for more than 20 years.  They added Chiefs in 2019. Photo: courtesy Max AdoueMax and Willi have been together for more than 20 years. They added Chiefs in 2019. Photo: courtesy Max Adoue

Both at work and in private, the three have always lived their relationship in a “very open” way. They never tried to hide it, or anything like that.

Do you meet people who don’t understand your relationship?

M: A lot of people didn’t understand it because it was something new, but not in a bad way. I’ve had people tell me that they had no idea that (polyamory) was even possible. It’s like giving them a new variation and letting them think. There has always been a good impact in all areas. In other words, it’s not like everyone is going to start dating or engaging in polyamory now. It’s like I’m saying, “Look, there’s another way to relate, so you can do this. It went well and everything.”.

For Max, for example, it happened that in his work there were cases of polyamorous relationships that were not discovered and that through their relationship they began to experience it as something “super open, like another problem”. “They started to design and experience their personal relationships differently,” Adoue explained.

For the Trieja it was important to give visibility to their case to give a name to something that exists and that perhaps many “hide”. In this sense Max reflected: “Who tells you that in the future there is the possibility of a legal union that would make us equal, protected. This is our intention and today this is not the case.”

The three will go to live together in Luxembourg.  Photo: courtesy of Max AdoueThe three will go to live together in Luxembourg. Photo: courtesy of Max Adoue

He added: “We’re talking about being able to have that kind of legal coverage in the future. It would be something where we would get more rights without anyone having fewer rights. It’s the same thing that happened many years ago with equal marriage. The next day there were many people who had the opportunity to have or had more rights without anyone being negatively affected.”

When the time came to move, the Triejas didn’t have much to think about. The planets were aligned: they had been thinking about it for a long time, they appreciated destiny and the opportunity found for them in the beautiful moments of their lives to change.

At the end Max and Capi, present in the interview, referred to the impact generated by their physical resemblance on X.

On Twitter they say they look alike, but you’re not very similar. It’s the photo, right?…

Cork: It’s the look. It’s the photo, yes!

Source: Clarin

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