Exercises that can be done in 20 minutes to increase muscle mass

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He modern pace of life always demands more practical solutions to maintain optimal health. THE regular physical activity and a style of Healthy life They are fundamental pillars for the well-being of the organism.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), l physical exercise Not only contributes to the maintenance of cardiovascular healthbut also strengthens the body, stimulates the mind and prevents diseases. Additionally, it has been shown to improve cognitive function and help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

However, many people, due to lack of time, motivation or financial resources, cannot go to the gym. For these reasons we present to you three simple exercises what can you do it in just 20 minutes from your homean accessible solution for those who want to stay active.

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THE Elastic band It is the only element necessary to be able to do these exercises and work the most important muscle groups. It is an easy to find, adaptable, easy to transport tool, ideal for doing physical activity without spending a lot of money.

Train with the elastic

Adding elastic bands to your exercises offers numerous benefits. One of the most important is that They adapt to every bodyhelp strengthen and tone musclesavoiding injuries and overloading them.

Resistance bands are ideal for increasing muscle mass.Resistance bands are ideal for increasing muscle mass.

It is an element that It allows you to exercise almost all muscle groups in the bodyusing resistance in any movement, which helps to gradually increase muscle mass.

Exercises to do in 20 minutes

These three exercises They are ideal for creating resistance and growing the three most important muscle groups in the body.

Banded front raises

This exercise is ideal for strengthen shoulders and triceps. To do this you need to stand on the band with your feet hip-width apart. The ends of the bands should be in your hands with your arms straight and palms facing down.

Front arm raises can be done in 20 minutes and build muscle mass.Front arm raises can be done in 20 minutes and build muscle mass.

After adjusting this position, you need to raise your arms forward, maintaining the tension generated by the band until your hands reach shoulder height. During the descent the movement must be controlled and slow. From this exercise You need to perform 10 to 12 repetitions.

Lateral bending with bands

It is an ideal exercise for tone and work the muscles of the torso, obliques and abdomen. To do this exercise you need to stand with your feet hip-width apart on the band and the elastic band needs to be tensioned with your hands.

Your arms should be extended above your head with the band taut. You need to lean on one side with the band, return to the starting position and repeat the same thing for the other side. THE repetitions should be 10 to 12 per side.

Bandaged buttock football

This exercise is ideal for working the lower part of the body, both the… buttocks like legs. To do this, place the band around your ankles with your feet hip-width apart in a quadruped position.

Glute calcium helps increase muscle mass in the lower body.Glute calcium helps increase muscle mass in the lower body.

You need to lift your leg back and keep your knee straight with the band tight, the other knee resting on the ground. The position must be maintained for a few seconds with the glute contracted and repeat with the other leg, this exercise must be performed between 10 to 12 repetitions per leg.

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