What is the amulet with garlic and laurel to protect us from envy and attract luck

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Amulets are not simple objects. They are believed to have magical or protective powers, and many use them as talismans against evil or bad luck.

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Everything can be a amulet: from a stone to a jewel, something carved or a figure… Anything goes.

We typically carry them with us all the time or place them in certain places to attract attention. protectionTHE fortune wave Good luck in every sense.

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Fortunately we can create amulets with simple elements that are within our reach. In this case: garlic and bay leaves.

What is the magical power of garlic

Since ancient times, the garlic It has been widely used in rituals and talismans because it is believed to have protective and purifying properties eliminate negative energies AND attract everything that is positive.

This bulb has been widely used for purify the dark forces and negative ones, beware of envious people with bad intentions and face witchcraft and wandering spirits.

Garlic has always been used to purify dark forces.  Shutterstock photoGarlic has always been used to purify dark forces. Shutterstock photo

“An Arab legend says that the devil He left two footprints when he left Paradise. Garlic was born from the first imprint”, explains Carmen Torrente in her book “Superstition says…”

What is the magical power of laurel

Synonymous with success and achievement, laurel As a symbol of triumph, it has its origins in Ancient Greece and has since established itself in various cultures.

THE GreeksFor example, they placed it crown made with its leaves to athletes who won a competition and also to warriors who distinguished themselves in combat.

Laurel is believed to attract success and abundance.  Photo: ShutterstockLaurel is believed to attract success and abundance. Photo: Shutterstock

In the Ancient Romethe Caesars used a laurel wreath to distinguish themselves from the rest of the population because they considered themselves superior.

And in other cultures it was associated with the power of prediction of the future while its leaves were burned to make them predictions.

How to make an amulet with garlic and bay leaves to protect us from envy and bad energy

This talisman is intended to ward off bad energy and envy; achieve success and prosperity; and, at the same time, prevent us from getting involved in gossip and slander that could affect us.

The amulet of garlic and laurel helps to fight envy and attract luck.  Photo: ShutterstockThe amulet of garlic and laurel helps to fight envy and attract luck. Photo: Shutterstock

First we need to collect the necessary items as indicated laopinion.com.

I am:

  • red candle
  • Incense
  • Coarse salt
  • Peppercorns
  • Clove,
  • Bay leaves
  • Garlic cloves
  • Cloth bag
  • Piece of aluminum foil.

As the aforementioned portal indicates, we turn on the candle and the incense to clean the environment.

Then, they point out, it is necessary to extend the aluminium sheet on a flat surface and place the rest of the ingredients given that must enter the cloth bag.

We join the four corners of the sheet form a ball and crush it very well so that the elements do not come out. So let’s put that little package in the cloth bag.

Finally, laopinion.com He tells us to place the amulet next to the incense and candle for an hour so that it is charged with all the good energy.

The incense will run out before the expected time, but the candle may still be lit: in this case you need to put it out with a spoon or wet fingers.

Once this process is done, we can do it now bring it with us take the desired effect.

Also according to the site, the famous astrologer Mizada Mohamed published how to make this amulet in a video on YouTube and there recommends doing it while moon It’s inside last quarter

The estimated time of use is one month – it could be a lunation – and, after this period, we will be able to make a new one.

Source: Clarin

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