How to care for and grow orchids at home

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Without a doubt, the orchids They look great in some corner of the living room or in the entrance of a house or apartment. They have very showy, white or colored flowers. But how to take care of them and grow them to have them at home.

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There are more than 30,000 varieties of orchids. They are tropical plants that occur naturally in many places in the world and to which they adapt different climates. In hotter, more humid places they tend to have thin leaves, while those in drier climates tend to have thick, large leaves.

Even though they seem very delicate, orchids are resistant, easy to cultivate and flourish No problem. But it is good to follow some advice so that they are beautiful and healthy.

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Pay particular attention to having orchids in your home

Choose the best place for this plant. Inside, they must be near a window because They need a lot of indirect light. Now, it is not good for the sun to shine directly on its leaves and flowers because they would burn. A light, transparent curtain is useful to protect them.

Being tropical plants, they require a periodic and abundant watering in the morning, preventing them from incarnating. Also, spray water on the leaves. Furthermore, so that they do not feel the cold during the winter, the ideal is for the place to always be between 15 and 30 degrees.

Transparent vases. There are some on the market that are sold specifically for these plans. They have a reason. Orchid roots need light, so a transparent pot is ideal.

Prune when necessary. Orchids naturally drop their flowers when their time is up. Experts advise Prune the plant when this happens to encourage new flowering.

Pay particular attention to having orchids in your homePay particular attention to having orchids in your home

Transplant them every two or three years. It is advisable to do this in this period of time, when they do not bloom. Before you do that, you need to water them by soaking so that they are the roots are more flexible and not break. Delete any that are damaged or look bad.

Then, you need to put them in the pot with new substrate. For 48 hours you have to wait for the soil to settle well, protecting it from the sun and keeping them moist.

Use a good fertilizer. THE needs of the orchid nutrients such as iron, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, among other things, to grow well. These fertilizers or fertilizers can be found at florists, nurseries or some specialized shops.

Clean its leaves well. It is recommended to dry them at least once a week with a cloth with lemon diluted in water or with milk and water. This way they shine more and cleanse from toxins that can enter the system.

Orchids: how to take care of themOrchids: how to take care of them
  1. In case you see that orchids don’t have flowers, there are some tricks stimulate them. You may want to change the pot to a larger one as the plant will likely need more space.

Another is to do what’s called heat treatment. The plant can be placed in a plastic bag with a very ripe banana and close it hermetically for a few days to create a warm and humid atmosphere.

Some gardeners also recommend gently scraping the roots of orchids with a sharp knife to encourage growth.

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