How many species of orchids exist and which are the most beautiful

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This plant with such beautiful flowers is part of one of the largest families in the world. They vary in size, color and even texture, but they are all identified as orchids. How many species exist and which are the most beautiful.

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According to scientists around the world, There are approximately 25,000 species of orchids. And it is true that they vary a lot from each other, but there is a point of contact. Its flowers have a basic structure: three sepals and three petals, but one of them is different from the other two and is called labellum.

They became one of the flowers Much appreciated for decoration and also for gifts, they are usually prepared as jewelery for occasions such as an anniversary or a wedding gift. Flowers give a truly special touch to any room in the house, but they require special care.

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Orchids: the most beautiful species

The best known orchids are Phalaenopsisthanks to its variety of colors. They are the ones that can be found in any flower shop or nursery. It is also known as the butterfly orchid due to the shape of its flowers.

Dendrobium is another of the most common species. It has much finer and more pointed leaves. One of the most striking features of this variety is that they all have something similar to a spur the flowers.

Where do Calanthe orchids come from? tropical climates and they are terrestrial, meaning they form their roots within the earth, allowing them to protrude to better absorb nutrients.

orchids;  the cutest speciesorchids; the cutest species

Cymbidiums are represented by their white flowers with a yellow center. The shape of this flower is slightly different from the rest of the orchids, with plong, thin tails.

If you are looking for flowers that last longer, the species is Cattleya. It was the first kind of cultivated orchids indoors because there is not much demand for treatment. It gives off a strong aroma and maintains flowering for a long time.

The one known for having a super intense bluish aerial flower is the Vanda. They are usually seen in houses with gardens among the trees. They grow suspended between the branches, feeding on the humidity of the environment. In this case you have to be very careful on winter days.

Orchids: characteristicsOrchids: characteristics

Oncidiumson orchids are known as golden showers due to their bright yellow color. Zygopetalum are a very popular species for table settings or events., weddings or parties. They usually have purple, violet and lilac colors that come with a light fragrance that sets them apart from the rest. Also add that the flowers last a long time.

All its varieties look great inside a home, but some attention must be taken into account. How to keep in mind that the plate is transparent so that the the roots receive light, always get indirect lighting, perhaps with a light curtain that filters the sun a little, which can get burned if it hits the leaves and flowers directly. Also, you need to water them frequently but don’t overwater the soil.

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