Crown Princess of England captured 7 weeks after surgery… Criticism of royal secrecy grows

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View largerBritain’s Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton appear in public in London last November (left). Middleton Bean, who underwent abdominal surgery on January 16th of this year, was spotted wearing sunglasses near Windsor Castle near London on the 4th (local time), about 7 weeks later. London = Capture from AP Newsis and American entertainment media ‘TMZ’

Britain’s Crown Princess Kate Middleton (42), who is recuperating after undergoing abdominal surgery on January 16 this year, was captured by the media for the first time in about seven weeks on the 4th (local time).

TMZ, an American entertainment media outlet, released a photo of Crown Princess Middleton captured near Windsor Castle near London on this day. Wearing sunglasses with a slightly swollen face, she smiles faintly while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by her mother. However, the authenticity of the photo is not exactly known.

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When Middleton Bean, who had been appearing at public events ever since marrying Prince William in 2011, disappeared, various rumors, including rumors of a serious illness, arose. The Telegraph and others reported that while public opinion demanding additional information has also increased, the British royal family’s unique ‘tradition of secrecy’, which is passive in disclosing information, is also being criticized. This is also in contrast to the fact that Middleton Bean’s father-in-law, King Charles III (75) of England, disclosed in detail the fact that he was suffering from cancer and related information on the 5th of last month.

Kensington Palace, where the Crown Prince and Princess reside, has so far only said, “The Crown Princess will not return to work before Easter, the 31st of this month.” There is no explanation as to whether he has been discharged from the hospital or where he is recuperating, and no relevant photos of her have been released.

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There is analysis that Prince William’s announcement just before the event held at Windsor Castle near London on the 28th of last month that he would “not attend due to personal reasons” may be related to Middleton Bean’s health problems. Recently, Spanish media reported that “the Crown Princess is in critical condition after surgery.”

The British royal family has so far adopted a strategy of ‘never complain, never explain’ regarding the royal family’s personal affairs. The Telegraph said, “This tradition was only used during the time of the former Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in 2022,” and urged, “The crown prince and his wife must find a version suitable for the 21st century.” Since taxes are invested in the money spent by the royal family, transparent disclosure of information is an obligation to taxpayers.

In 1995, when Charles III was crown prince, his first wife, Diana Bean, publicly revealed her husband’s affair. Some point out that the tradition of secrecy has become meaningless as Prince Harry, the second son of Charles III, who separated from the royal family in 2020, has continued to publicize discord within the royal family.

Source: Donga

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