He raped her and killed her with a martial art shot: “He died by hanging”

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He raped her and killed her with a martial art shot:

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Rear naked choke, the method used by the victim to hang the abuser.

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A woman who was allegedly raped on the morning of Saturday, April 30, in Vila Perus, west of São Paulo, reacted to the attack and killed a man by hanging. with a jiu-jitsu strike known as rear naked choke.

According to police, the woman was rescued by residents of the region. Lieutenant Beatriz Miscow, of the Military Police, said two women were abused. One would have run away and asked for help.

“They were going to enjoy the night and when they were on their way home they were approached by a man who raped one of them. But one of the young women was able to assault him with a naked butt in the back and ended up killing him, ”police said.

The abuse took place in the western part of São Paulo, Brazil.

The abuse took place in the western part of São Paulo, Brazil.

“He asked for help from the people who helped this woman, but the death had already occurred. He was able to stop the abuser and he was hanged, “the lieutenant said.

The victim of sexual violence was transferred to Hospital Pérola Byington.

One of the victims hanged was the abuser.

One of the victims hanged was the abuser.

How is the procedure for the attack

The rear naked choke is arguably the most recognizable submission in the world. and trained in all kinds of wrestling arts. The rear naked choke or RNC is very simple to do and possibly the most effective wrestling submission.

A rear bare choke is a classic choking that cuts blood to the brain. Within seconds, the brain shuts down and the person dies.

There are two variants of strangulation. In one version, the attacker’s arm goes to the opponent’s neck and then touches his own biceps on the other arm. In the second version, the attacker clasps his hands instead of wrapping them around the opponent’s neck. Recent studies have shown that the back is choked naked. it takes an average of 8.9 seconds for a person to faint.

What is Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known as BJJ around the world. It is a Brazilian martial arts sport based on grappling and submission.. BJJ was mainly developed in Brazil by the Gracie family, after being trained by Japanese judoka, Mitsuyo Maeda.

This self-defense combat sport revolves around the concept that a smaller, weaker fighter can successfully utilize leverage and weight distribution to defend against stronger and heavier opponents.

Source: Clarin

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