The emotional story of the dog who didn’t want to die: he was buried alive and escaped from the grave

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Is called Kiryusha and he is 7 years old. Behind her loving gaze and faithful attitude lies a sad life, plagued by abuse, violence and heartbreak. But luckily fate wanted her to be so beautiful German shepherd he got a well-deserved second chance.

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The horror story experienced by the mascot occurred in 2020 in the city of Ukhta, in northwestern Russia and the story has gone viral again in recent weeks. Although he was in good health, his owners gave him a lethal injection sacrifice it e buried in a nearby forest.

However, Kiryusha is not dead: A few hours later he woke up, left the grave and tried to go home. There, as he wandered slowly along the side of the road, in the rain, he was seen Olga Lystseva, who crossed him while he was driving his vehicle. Although he didn’t stop at first, after traveling about 15 kilometers he decided to go back and look for him.

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At that moment the animal was already lying on one side of the shoulder, completely exhausted. The young woman got him some food and, after eating, Kiryusha She got into the car without hesitation to be transported without problems along the 150 kilometers that separated her from Ukhta. Throughout the journey, exhausted, she slept.

Once they arrived in the city, Olga took Kiryusha TO Dear Citya local animal rescue center where, in addition to giving him first aid, they took photos of him and published them online to see if anyone knew him.

Responses immediately began to arrive with information about the animal and also about its owners, who live there Yemvaabout 200 kilometers from Ukhta.

Kiryusha was sacrificed and buried in a forest.  Photo: KomiinformKiryusha was sacrificed and buried in a forest. Photo: Komiinform

In a message they confessed that they had given him an injection to sacrifice him and that they had buried him near the place of discovery. In justifying the action, they admitted that they had done so because the sheepdog was suffering from a serious illness.

However, after several tests, reviews and analyzes by the shelter veterinarians, this was confirmed Kiryusha He is perfectly healthy and suffers only from chronic arthritis, reports local media Komiinform.

The pet’s original owners contacted the care center again to confirm that they had gone to the dog’s grave and that the dog was where it was buried. However, when health workers asked them for photos, they logged out and never responded to requests again.

Kiryusha hopes to find a family to adopt him.  Photo: KomiinformKiryusha hopes to find a family to adopt him. Photo: Komiinform

Silent, sweet and loving, Kiryusha He had a second chance.

Source: Clarin

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