British Defense Secretary condemns the actions of Putin and his generals

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Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday that Vladimir Putin’s second government

In a speech in London on the day Russia celebrated its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945 with great pomp, Wallace accused the Russian President of using the anniversary to cover up his mistakes in Ukraine.

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His reaction to failures on the pitch was “a shameful display of self-preservation coupled with failure, anger, dishonesty, and scapegoating.”

“With Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, his inner circle and generals reflect the fascism and tyranny of 77 years ago, repeating the mistakes of the totalitarian regimes of the last century.”

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“They show the same disdain for human life, national sovereignty and the rules-based international system,” he insisted.

The Russian president is struggling to present the occupation of Ukraine as a continuation of the Second World War, and today, during the 1945 victory celebrations, he once again accuses that country of neo-Nazism.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also said on Monday that his country would not allow him to “own the victory over Nazism”.

According to Secretary Wallace, Russian generals “not only participated in an illegal invasion and war crimes, but failed their own soldiers to the point of being subject to a council of war.”

He also denounced that “Russian generals, dazzling in their parade uniforms and laden with countless medals, are complicit in deviating from the proud history of Putin’s ancestors.”

“Instead, they now suffer needlessly in the service of low-level gangsterism.”

“For them and Putin, it may be a day of dishonor and certainly defeat, not victory, in Ukraine,” he said.

source: Noticias

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