her dog takes care of her next to her

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Since two weeks intensively searched: the first alarms sounded on March 16. Since that day, Oscar Alexander Hernandez (29), is missing.

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Unfortunately, found his corpse in a remote area of ​​Griffith Park, in California, United States. But the most exciting truth is that her dog was beside her, taking care of her.

A love story with no happy ending

Made by the family advertisement in front of the authorities; din they distributed flyers where the face of the young man who disappeared on Wednesday, March 16.

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Oscar Alejandro Hernández was seen for the last time that day with his dog, Harion the hiking trails of Griffith Park, located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, reported Huffington Post.

different hunting group they worked to recover Hernandez’s body from the mountainous area. Eventually, it was found by Los Angeles Police and Fire and a team of park rangers.

A firefighter who participated in the search described the point at which he was found as a result of being reached after a good hike from the park fair.

Hernandez’s family was there when his body was found, Los Angeles Sgt. Ruben Arellano Associated Press. King, his pet, is lying beside him, tired and hungry but alive.

For his part, said a cousin NBC4 what do you think King did not leave Hernandez’s side.

The family believes King was not separated from his owner.  Photo: NBCLA

The family believes King was not separated from his owner. Photo: NBCLA

The authorities still they did not release the cause of death of the young man, but there was no reason to suspect murder, Arellano said.

Ang Griffith Park it covers more than 1,600 acres with hiking trails, green areas and steep, vegetated slopes. In addition to the Griffith Observatory and an amphitheater, there is the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Museum of the West, two golf courses, the Railroad Museum, a carousel, the famous “Hollywood Sign” (the Hollywood sign).

Source: Clarin

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