you can’t imagine what it really is

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At first glance, disgusting. Like new dog poop. However, like much in life, “ugliness” does not define him. His true identity was a huge surprise.

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Because slimy, shapeless “shit” really is an artifact of very high technological complexity. We’ve heard this ad nauseam but it’s worth refreshing again: the image isn’t everything.

It’s actually about a robot consists of magnets allowing you to move in complex environments to adjust circuits or move objects, even the smallest.

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The gelatinous robot, developed by scientists at the University of Hong-Kong, can move within the human body to resolve emergencies of objects melting inadvertently.

A way of suggesting alternatives to such solutions nanobots.

The team of scientists, led by researcher Li Zhang, has created a robot capable of reducing objects from within the digestive system, allowing easier evacuation and thus helps the body to expel it, according to the advances New Scientist.

The viscous mass can be manipulated by magnetic fields.

The viscous mass can be manipulated by magnetic fields.

The development of this robot, the details of which are published in the magazine Advanced Functional Materials, is listed as a “mud of the magnetic robot“.

The creators explained that it was a device with “viscoelastic properties” and that can be controlled by magnetic fields.

The fact is that the recorded videos of such a robot reflect a slimy, dark massreminds of venomthe famous villain in Marvel, or as said above: fresh shit.

The magnetic robot

According to the explanation of the developers, this robot is made by mixing neodymium magnetic particles with borax and polyvinyl alcohola type of resin.

All of this forms a uniform “chin” as well is electrically conductive. Its creators claim that it can not only seize objects, but also interconnect electrodes thanks to its conductivity.

“The magnetic particles of this robot allow it to be manipulated to rotateform different shapes like an O or a C or even travel, ”the scientists said.

It all depends on how the magnets are used by its creators to control it. The idea of ​​this ‘device’, according to Zhang’s team, is “unfold it like a robot”and says “they are still trying to understand its material properties.”

Sometimes it acts like a solid, sometimes like a liquid“, explains the researcher. And this he makes sure that if” you touch it quickly “it acts like” a solid “.

“If, on the other hand, you do it gently and slowly, it becomes liquid. It’s very similar to mix water with cornstarch at homeZhang’s office.

Some busy

Of course, because of the control ability of magnets, researchers expect that this robot can be used to remove or delete objects found in the human digestive system.

They give the example of a battery or cell being swallowed by a person; the ‘drool’ can serve to “make an encapsulationto form some kind of inert coating ”and thus“ prevent leakage of toxic electrolytes ”.

However, there is one major drawback. The magnetic particles of the robot, themselves, they are toxic.

To fix this, the researchers covered the robot with a layer of silica to form a protective layer. The problem is that while this may work, “safety is more dependent on how long you keep (the robot) inside your body.”

Sources: El Español and New Scientist

Source: Clarin

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