She was a young television host, she disappeared in 1995, and no one contacted her again

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She was a young television host, she disappeared in 1995, and no one contacted her again

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The JodiSue Huisentruit case was never resolved.

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Jodi Sue Huisentruit At the age of 27, she woke up at dawn every day and acted as a newscaster on the first morning of the television channel. KIMT sign from Mason City..

His admission time was between 3 and 4. And he fulfilled his duty to the letter.But June 27, 1995 Everything was different.

Realizing the absence of the producer of his program, AmyHe called her to see what was happening. “I’m sorry. I overslept. I’m on the way,” the young woman replied. There was nothing in the tone of his voice that suggested he was in trouble.

But over time, it didn’t come. At the beginning of her schedule, her colleague had to replace her.

Jodi Sue Huisentruit was a television host in Iowa.

Jodi Sue Huisentruit was a television host in Iowa.

Signs of his death

A few hours later, the closest people complained.Police Mason CityIn the state of IowaWhen they arrived at the young woman’s house, they found signs of an attack in the parking lot.

Its author, Mazda Miata, I was in the usual place. But there was a bag on the floor with his belongings. Hairspray, hair dryer, and her high heels were also scattered.

Other clues: The car key was on the driver’s side door lock. The pavement was able to distinguish some signs of drag. In addition, an unidentifiable palm was marked on the vehicle.

On the other hand, I couldn’t find a canvas bag with notebooks and floppies.

JodiSue Huisentruit disappeared in 1995.

JodiSue Huisentruit disappeared in 1995.

Mysterious white van

The neighbor declared that he saw the van the next day Ford Eco Line As soon as I parked there, at midnight I heard a scream that I might have heard from the housing complex where the young woman lived.

“I saw a white van in the parking lot. I’ve been walking down the road so many times that I’ve never seen it before. If I had to say an hour, it would probably be 3:50,” he said. rice field. Randy LindermanTo the researchers who lived on the same street Scott fuller..

Not only that Linderman He went to the police after hearing about the incident.

As a result of the inquiry, it was immediately found that no other resident in the neighborhood was registered as the owner of a similar truck.That afternoon June 27An alert was issued to the grounders that matched that description.

The amazing fact is a few months ago Jody She accused the man of chasing her in a car with those characteristics. In addition, she told some of her relatives that she was afraid that he might be crazy about her. But nothing was known about that person.


The impact of the incident was like the appearance of dozens of volunteers working together.Among them, 100 people participated in the raids that took place in the area. Fat hill..

On the other hand, versions of seeers and fortune-tellers were coming soon.

No new clues Jody was declared legally dead in May 2001...

Harder version

For his family Jody She was attacked by someone who knew her and knew her schedule and routine.

Therefore, one of the suspects John VansisFriends and neighbors Jody Although he was 22 years old. Both were gathered the day before to watch a video of his birthday party. However, I could never confirm responsibility for this fact.

The mystery continued, and sometimes his relatives put up posters in various parts of Iowa to find someone to tell the truth.

Source: Clarin

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