Nightclubs host oral sex competitions and neighbors explode: “It’s unusual”

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Nightclubs host oral sex competitions and neighbors explode:

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A signboard for a sex park, a sauna club that hosts parties.Photo: 20 minutes

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In Oberentfelden, Switzerland, everything is out of control. Or at least that’s what some neighbors who live near sex parks believe.This nightclub Orchestration Saturday Oral Sex Championship And there was already a women’s rights group that expressed their anger.

The convention will be held in Aargau. The organizers said on the venue’s website that the event was “legendary” and that those interested could “enjoy and test the art of oral sex by eight great blowjob specialists for 90 francs in public.” I guarantee that.

Stakeholders “compete” between them to see who the “miss blow job” of the year is, and the winner receives the money.

A car that promotes the event.Photo: 20 minutes

A car that promotes the event.Photo: 20 minutes

According to the medium Aargauer Zeitung German organization wants to cancel the event.. This is Ella’s network, which wants to impose a “Scandinavian model” on Switzerland. Brothels are banned everywhere in Scandinavia except Denmark, and criminals are customers, not prostitutes.

This event is not well accepted by Aargau politicians.for Christina Bachmann-Roth, President of Mitte-Frauenschweitz, this championship is a “scandal”. “That should never happen, it’s a woman’s public humiliation,” she told

OliviaCo-director Zurich Women’s CenterEmphasized the importance of talking about this type of meeting, the club said, “Women must compete with each other and are valued, so they objectify.”

A leaflet with event information. Photo: Sex-Park web

A leaflet with event information. Photo: Sex-Park web

On your side Marcus Virtualer, Mayor Oberentfelden is very calm. “As long as these events are taking place in a private space, I don’t know the direction or reason to do anything about it,” he told Zeitung, this time telling his municipality that no complaints have been received yet. I did.

In 20 minutes, the testimonies of the two residents of Oberentfelden were gathered, and it was concluded that the majority disagreed with the party in the future.

A 52-year-old man considered it “abnormal” and emphasized that he was concerned about the existence of clubs in areas with many single-family homes.

Reception bar in the sex park. Photo: Sex-Park web

Reception bar in the sex park. Photo: Sex-Park web

Another 72-year-old matched the previous one. He admitted today that “we are very open”, but he asked “restrictions” and the community to do something “for the event, not for the club”. ..

“I don’t want that in my neighborhood. Such an event attracts certain types of people. If it’s the most beautiful, if they say it’s beautiful, what kind of poor world do they live in? “Let’s do it?”

On the day of the championship, there will be no media decided by the director. The Sauna Club promotes the contest with planned cars and special flyers. According to the venue’s website, Sex Park holds a “blowjob party” every May.

Source: Clarin

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