Home World News Joe Biden threatened China with military intervention and surprised his own advisers

Joe Biden threatened China with military intervention and surprised his own advisers

Joe Biden threatened China with military intervention and surprised his own advisers

The closest mentor to Joe Biden is “surprised” by the president’s statement in Japan on Monday that the United States intervene in the military in defense of Taiwan if China attempts to control the island by force. He also warned Beijing that it was “flirting with danger”.

White House sources told CNN they were surprised and added that the president’s staff needed to come out immediately to prepare a statement clarifying the United States’ position.

Biden made the statement in Tokyo during an official visit to Japan, where he met with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday. He had previously visited South Korea.

U.S. officials rate Japan and South Korea as lynchpins of Washington offense against China’s growing commercial and military power, as well as allies in the Western alliance to isolate Russia after its aggression against neighboring Ukraine.

At a joint press conference, Biden and Kishida adopted a firm tone towards China and promoted their “common vision of an independent and open Indo-Pacific (region)” and agreed monitor the activity of the Chinese navy in the area where Beijing has growing ambition.

Asked whether the United States would intervene militarily against Beijing in the event of a Chinese attempt to control Taiwan by force, Biden replied: “This is the promise we made.”

Biden's statements shocked his own advisers.  Photo: Reuters

Biden’s statements shocked his own advisers. Photo: Reuters

“We agree on a Chinese policy, and we signed it … but the idea that Taiwan should take over by force is not appropriate“, He added.

China views Taiwan as a rogue province that should be included in the country, by force if necessary.

the chinese answer

Beijing responded on Monday willing to defend its national interest in Taiwan.

No one should underestimate strong determinationthe strong will and ability of the Chinese people to uphold national sovereignty and territorial integrity, ”Wang Wenbin, spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry told reporters.

Biden also attacked the Russian governmentthat it “has to pay a long -term price” for its “barbarism in Ukraine”, referring to the harsh sanctions imposed by Washington and its allies.

“It’s not just about Ukraine. If sanctions are not maintained in many respects,what signal will we send to china about the value of attempting to take Taiwan by force? ”he asked.

On Tuesday, Biden will work to strengthen American leadership in the Asia Pacific region at a summit with leaders of Australia, India and Japanthe group named “Quad”.

However, India now stands for his refusal to openly condemn the war in Ukraine, or to reduce its exchange with Russia. Biden will meet on Tuesday alone with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

North Korea

Fears were present throughout Biden’s Asian tour that North Korea would launch a nuclear-capable missile or even a bomb, Something never happened on his visit to Seoul.

But U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters the threat remains.

“If North Korea acts, we will be ready to respond. If North Korea does not act, it will have an opportunity, as we have repeatedly said, to approach the tableof negotiations, he said.

So far Pyongyang has rejected US calls for dialogue, according to officials, ignoring even offers of help to combat the sudden proliferation of covid-19.

trade agreement

On his intense day, the US president also announced the launch of the new economic framework for the Asia-Pacific region that will initially have 13 member countriesincluding India and Japan, but no Chinese.

“The United States and Japan along with 11 other countries will launch Indo-Pacific Economic Framework“, Biden said about the mechanism, which will not be a free trade agreement. This framework provides integration in four key areas: the digital economy, supply chains, green energy and the fight against corruption.

“It is a commitment to work with our closest friends and partners in the region, in the face of challenges to guarantee economic competitiveness in the 21st century,” the US president added, who said he was considering eliminating some tariff barriers for China.

The United States has little interest in returning to an existing trade agreement with Asia after former President Donald Trump will leave in 2017 from the Trans-Pacific Alliance.

Biden ended his day with dinner with Kishida and the prime minister’s wife in the garden of a high -rise restaurant in Tokyo, where they ate sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.

Source: AFP and ANSA


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