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Since Alain Delon’s decision to appeal for euthanasia was made public, new information has emerged about the preferences of the French cinema legend.

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The news came from the testimony of his eldest son, anthony, in an interview with French radio RTL. According to what you saythe legendary actor explicitly asked him to do this procedure when he felt it was the right time.

This announcement also comes at a special time for Delon. Among the basic data, it should be noted that the actor, who already exists 86 yearsin 2019 two strokes to demand valuable effort in his recovery. This rehabilitation, according to information circulating at the time, was very slow. But it had good results.

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Alain Delon went through two cardiovascular accidents Photo EFE.

Alain Delon went through two cardiovascular accidents Photo EFE.

On the other hand, in his last days he suffered near defeats which was very exciting for him. One of them is the Jean Paul Belmondoanother of the stainless heartthrobs on the big screen, where he has maintained a great friendship, despite rumors of rivalry.

“I was completely destroyed. I’ll try to hold on so I don’t do the same thing for five hours. It doesn’t hurt if we both leave. It’s part of my life, we started together 60 years ago, ”the actor told French news network Cnews, when the news broke in September 2021.

Furthermore, death Nataliehis ex -wife and mother of his child anthony it is also an example of hypersensitivity.

As he said anthony, Natalie, who died of pancreatic cancer, chose euthanasia. “She had decided to die as she lived. Although in the end she didn’t use that means for her death. It’s a good thing we didn’t do this process,” Anthony said.

Alain Delon is 86 years old Photo AFP.

Alain Delon is 86 years old Photo AFP.

Alain Delon’s support for euthanasia

According to the testimony of anthony, Alan He would have asked her to “make the necessary decisions when her time came.”

It also appears that they had a nurse perform the procedure Natalie. The estimate is they can use it in this case.

Regarding the drug that can be given, it is, according to the interpretation published in a note on the Brazilian site R7, sodium pentobarbital.

This drug was developed over a hundred years ago and It is used as a lethal injection for those sentenced to death in the United States.

Alain Delon will have his son's support for assisted death Photo AFP.

Alain Delon will have his son’s support for assisted death Photo AFP.

How will Delon request euthanasia

As a Swiss citizen, delon It tends to use this method, as it is approved by the laws of that country.

To access this alternative, regulations require a clear statement to be made on more than one occasion.

The person requesting it must also be terminally ill and in a situation of physical or psychological distress, other than depression. Because it is understood that in such a psychic situation a person cannot make such a decision.

“This process is completely risk-free and painless,” said the Swiss non-profit organization, dignitydedicated to assisting in assisted suicide, as stated in the R7 note.

Source: Clarin

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