The truth behind “Me enamoré”, Shakira’s theme for Piqué that is now being teased

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The truth behind it

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Piqué appears in the videoclip of “Me enamoré”, by Shakira.

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And the day came when “I fell in love” took on another meaning. For the crisis of love that Shakira and Gerard Piqué are going through, the theme of the Colombian is teased on social networks – especially Twitter – for being dedicated exclusively to the Barcelona player.

In the lyrics of the song, the singer clearly alludes to her husband. In addition, the defender appears in the official video clip. “I thought, ‘This is still a baby, but what am I going to do to him?’ What a round mouth, I like that beard ”, Shak publishes in one of his most listened to hits on YouTube, Spotify and radio.

“I fell in love” is for Piqué what “January Days” is for Antonio De la Rúa. It is the theme in which Shakira tells how her love story with the Catalan ten years her junior began.

The lyrics are crude, skimping on metaphors: “Life began to change in me, the night I met you” and “With you I would have ten children, let’s start with a couple, I’ll tell you only if you want to practice” are two others verses of the theme.

what twitter said

Now that Shakira and Piqué’s relationship hangs in the balance due to alleged infidelity on her part, the headline “I’m in love” has been widely quoted on Twitter.

“If Shakira has surpassed the one who wrote her ‘January’, she can surpass the one who wrote ‘Me enamoré’,” wrote one person. Another tweeted: “Don’t treat as ‘January days’ someone who treats you like ‘I’m in love’ …”.

And the comments continue: “Well, then it’s good that Shakira doesn’t like ‘Me enamoré’ as much as ‘January’, she learned something”; “Piqué, how are you going to catch Shakira when she wrote you ‘I’m in love’!”; “Could it be that Shakira finally eliminates ‘I’m in love’ from existence? It would be a FAVOR to humanity.”

One user, on the other hand, jokingly predicted: “Shakira’s theme ‘I’m in love with Superman’ comes out.” This is because she was playing on networks that the singer might have been in a relationship with. Henry Cavillthe actor who plays Clark Kent in the DC Universe films.

How did Piqué react?

In a conversation with Telemundo four years ago, Shakira recounted how Piqué reacted to the song “I fell in love”.

“Gerard loved it, it moved him, I got a lot of credit, even now that I’m on tour. I can’t announce the dates at the moment, but they will be very soon. Also, it has been a long time since I went on tour and it will be how I will reconnect with my audience, “declared the artist at the time.

Piqué hugs Shakira on stage during a concert in Barcelona in 2016. Photo: AP

Piqué hugs Shakira on stage during a concert in Barcelona in 2016. Photo: AP

On a note with Clarín, the singer gave details on how she got her husband to appear in the song’s video.

“He is the most special guest! Look, it didn’t cost me anything. He immediately told me he would be there for whatever I needed him to do, “she said, adding,” What cost the most was to find a way for him to be there and make it as elegant and intriguing as possible. “

Source: Clarin

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