No confidence motion in Great Britain: two key figures of the Conservative Party call for the departure of Boris Johnson

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No confidence motion in Great Britain: two key figures of the Conservative Party call for the departure of Boris Johnson

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On the razor’s edge. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Reuters

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Is it time to change the prime minister in Britain, in these days of uncertainty, war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis? British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is literally in troubled waters. He will not only suffer a vote of confidence from his peers in the party, but he will They are demanding that you resign now.

The confidence vote this British Monday evening decide your fate. If you win it, will have one year of immunity. If you lose it, he must resign and be replaced by another member of his party as prime minister.

But that does not mean that UK general elections are now held. As happened in Labor between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, there is a change of leader and premier before the general elections. The secrets of the British parliamentary monarchy.

But the conservative rebels They want me to release me now. John Penrose, the prime minister’s anti-corruption tsar, resigned Monday morning over Boris Johnson’s response to Sue Gray’s report on the partygate during the lockdown at Downing St. and will vote to leave in Parliament. But ask the prime minister to do exactly the same. “Quit now,” he asks.

“This is the beginning of the end. I am sorry to have to resign as the prime minister’s anti-corruption czar. But, following his response last week on the ministerial code, it is quite clear that the prime minister has broken it,” he added. said the resigning official …

“This is a question of resignation for me, and it should be for the prime minister too,” warned the anti-corruption tsar.

Conservative MP John Penrose sent his letter of resignation to the prime minister hours after it was announced that a vote of confidence in Boris’ leadership would be held between 6pm and 8pm in London, starting at 14:00 in Buenos Aires.

“The beginning of the end”

The Weston-super-Mare MP was the anti-corruption champion of the UK at the Home Office since 2017. But he said he could no longer be in his seat because Johnson had failed to address the “failures of leadership and judgment.” Gray said it took place during the Downing Street blockade celebrations.

Therefore, Johnson violated “a fundamental principle of the Ministerial Code: a clear question of resignationBut the prime minister said in his letter to Lord Geidt, the prime minister’s independent advisor on the code, “ignore this thread completely absolutely central and non-negotiable “.

In his letter, Penrose wrote that he is “always grateful to you for delivering Brexit”, for the 2019 election victory and for getting the UK out of the COVID blockade. “But I hope you understand that none of this can excuse or justify a fundamental violation of the Ministerial Code“, he wrote.

John Penrose said Johnson had failed to meet the standards of “leadership and integrity”. He added that it was “when, not if he should go.” The deputy wrote his resignation letter on Sunday and denied being a part of a coordinated campaign.

“I don’t think this is organized,” he told Sky News. “I think what’s happening is people have to respond to their constituents now that the Sue Gray report is out and they’re saying: “Can I look in the mirror in the morning and look into my eyes and feel like I’ve done the right thing?”“.

The detonation of the vote of confidence took place during the parliamentary break, when the deputies met their constituents and they asked for it Boris will be expelled power.

Hunt, the successor?

Former Secretary of Health e Conservative Chancellor Jeremy Hunt called on Conservative MPs to vote against Boris Johnson in tonight’s confidence vote. He argued that new leadership is needed if Conservatives are to retain power in the upcoming elections.

In a significant speech a few hours before the opening of secret votes, the former foreign minister said he will vote to remove the prime minister from office.

Former Health Secretary and Conservative Chancellor Jeremy Hunt calls for a vote against Boris.  Photo: Reuters

Former Health Secretary and Conservative Chancellor Jeremy Hunt calls for a vote against Boris. Photo: Reuters

“Today’s decision is change or lose“, he said.” I will vote for the change. “

Hunt said that unless his colleagues remove Johnson, the electorate will eliminate the party in the next election.

“Having received power, Conservative MPs know in our hearts that we are not giving the British people the leadership they deserve,” he said.

“We are not offering the integrity, expertise and vision needed to unleash the enormous potential of our country. And since the electorate no longer trusts us, who know it too, we are destined to lose the next elections general, ”warned Hunt, who is already preparing Replace to Boris Johnson.

hunting is the highest ranking Tory so far he has spoken against the prime minister. His comments could lead more MPs to follow suit.

180 votes needed

In a statement Monday, Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Conservative Committee, revealed that 54 MPs, representing 15% of the parliamentary party, now they have lost faith in Johnson’s leadership And they want to remove it.

The prime minister is confident he will have the support to win a challenge. Conservative rebels need 180 votes to remove it of your office. They are not sure they will get it.

Over the weekend, the rebels circulated a one-page reminder list 13 reasons to impeach the premierconcluding that “the only way to restore the conservatives’ fortunes to a point where we can win the next general election is to impeach Boris Johnson”.

Paris, correspondent


Source: Clarin

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