The football team that won 59-1 and why it was banned for life

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The football team that won 59-1 and why it was banned for life

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The Matiyasi FC team have been banned for life.

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the South African team Matiyasi FC He was looking for his promotion. The challenge seemed impossible: according to the rules of the local championship, he had to win with a difference of 18 goals. Despite the difficulty, the players went for their goal.

The goal of Matiyasi FC – who plays Limpopo, one of the nine provinces that make up the Republic of South Africa– was to join the ABC Motsepe League, the second division of that country.

He was in third position in the standings and, moreover, the goal difference to overcome with the other candidates was not flattering.

Matiyasi FC played on the South African circuit.

Matiyasi FC played on the South African circuit.

The only alternative, according to information from El Comercio de Perú’s Mag site, was to reach an 18-point difference with his rival.

At the end of the game, Matiyasi not only achieved that goal. If not, she has also far surpassed it. Since the result was 59-1.

suspicion and suspension

The championship authorities were not left with the anecdote of glory. They noticed that something was wrong. Since 41 points were goals against the losing team.

Something similar had happened with Shivulani Dangerous Tigers, who were also trying to reclassify themselves.

Matiyasi FC was seeking reclassification and was suspended.

Matiyasi FC was seeking reclassification and was suspended.

This prompted the South African Football Association to conduct an investigation and resulted in a lifelong ban on Matiyasi FC.

The same penalty involved his rival and other teams.

The theory is that the winning team paid their opponents for this title and goal difference. something that maybe

The biggest scammer in football

This isn’t the only case of match-fixing. The native of Singapore Wilson Raj Perumal He is known as the greatest result manipulator in the past few years of professional football.

Information from claims that he has worked to achieve the desired results in matches across five continents and the World Cup. He has even become the most wanted man in FIFA.

Source: Clarin

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