He stopped on the street to rescue an abandoned kitten and suffered a stroke of tenderness

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He stopped on the street to rescue an abandoned kitten and suffered a stroke of tenderness

The kitten that man saved.

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The man was driving his car down the road and saw a kitten that looked abandoned by the roadside. It was very small. moved, he braked and got out to save him but as soon as he got it the ambush came. A very tender.

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Robert Brantley, of whom we speak, was surprised when behind the kitten he looked lost and alone 12 more kittens appeared that pounces on the man in search of affection and containment.

Brantley, who is from Louisianain the US, he filmed the entire scene and uploaded the video to his Instagram account, which he obviously does it went viral quickly.

“I left work to go to the shooting range,” he wrote. “I passed a kitten that I knew wouldn’t make it through the night and my wife wanted a cat for the farm; I thought stop it and save it“.

At the beginning of the video, Brantley called the cat: “Come on, kitty, kitty. You’re on the side, they’ll kill you for sure. ”When the kitten approached Brantley, he lifted the animal with one hand.

However, he acknowledged that while he was recording “a small video” of the kitten, it was seen “Ambushed by a group” of 12 other cats.

“Oh my God, I can’t handle them all” he exclaimed in surprise as a group of kittens emerged from the grass by the side of the road and ran towards him.

“OMG, there’s more, we have a problem with the kitten,” he continued. “My God, who would do this? I thought I’d only save one. What a mess! ”He So he filmed the kittens walking around him on the street.

In a second video, Brantley reveals this put all 13 kittens in his car and that he would “take care” of them until he could find a good home for each.

In an interview with NPRBrantley recalled how “stunned” he was when he saw so many cats. And he stressed that “I was not ready”To it, before expressing how difficult it was to get the animals into his vehicle.

“When I opened the door and started putting them in, they jumped out. If I entered one, three ended up“, He explained.” But they stayed around my ankles on the ground. So in the end I rolled down the windows, closed a door and started taking them inside, where they couldn’t get out. “

According to Brantley, when the video went viral, thousands of people contacted with him, from the United States and other countries of the world, to adopt a kitten.

However, although most kittens have already found a home, some “it takes a little more attention” by a local veterinarian.

“We’ve found some good people locally who love them, and I know they’re all good people and they’re not doing anything wrong with them,” he explained. “We haven’t given any yet: they are probably too young ”.

Meanwhile Brantley continued to share videos of the kittensincluding one in which they are seen playing in a yard and another of a kitten, whom she named Scout, taking a bath.

Source: The Independent

Source: Clarin

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