Russia-Ukraine war: a high-tech British missile split a Russian helicopter in two

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Ang high-tech anti-aircraft missile system the United Kingdom shot down a Russian helicopter, after a week of use on the battlefield in Ukraine. The image is spread through a video, affecting: the projectile divided the aircraft in two.

This is the Starstreak, a portable air defense system made by Thales Air Defense, capable of destroying targets using three penetrating darts.

The sequence of destruction of the Russian helicopter, a Mi-28N, took place in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.

Before handing over this defense weapon to Ukraine, the British Army said the Starstreak was a “very capable air defense weapon” and added that it was particularly “effective against helicopters”.

The Starstreak system is the portable anti-defense system made in the UK.  Photo: AFP

The Starstreak system is the portable anti-defense system made in the UK. Photo: AFP

As published The Times, the weapon is guided by laser beams. It can explode from the shoulder or from a vehicle and can hit targets up to 6.5 kilometers.

Ukraine has sent a kit that can be mounted on the shoulder. According to the army, this allows faster deployment on the ground. Especially the mountainous.

As explained in the English article, its use is complicated. And those wielding this type of weapon should have at least a thousand successful hits in the simulation.

The British Ministry of Defense sent a team of Starstreak operators and a simulator to nearby Ukraine for training. The Ukrainian army needs to speed up the times.

The UK has already provided Ukraine with Starstreaks, as well as more than 4,000 NLAWs, lightweight anti-tank weapons with a system similar to anti-aircraft.

Russia’s complaints

Last Saturday, Russia’s ambassador to the UK told Russian news agency TASS that British arms supplies to Ukraine were “legitimate targets” for Russia’s military.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Andrey Kelin said the provision of weapons such as Starstreak missiles was “destabilizing”.

They make the situation worse, making it more bloody. It looks like new weapons with high precision, ”Kelin told the news agency.

“Naturally, our military will see them as a legitimate target if those supplies cross the border into Ukraine,” he added.


Source: Clarin

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