The gesture of a waitress when handing the bill to her customers: “Spread joy”

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La Postrería restaurant, located in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, has one factor that sets it apart from the rest: Mara. A young waitress who fell in love with social media with the drawings of her that she dedicates to her customers on the receipt.

It all started when one of his colleagues decided to register the surprise of the diners when Mara brought them the bill. “She is Mara, she likes to draw her clients in her accounts and we decided to record her reaction. Mara is one of those people who conveys joy and happiness to all clients, whatever happens”, wrote the young man, identified like @ juannibarra1.

In her TikTok account, her partner shared what it is like to work with Mara and what happens every time she hands over the account.

“They were moved, some shouted and there was no lack of laughter. Mara enjoys making the customers happy. We told them we recorded everything and they agreed that we use the video. They said that for Mara whatever it was”, he assured.

One of the designs made by the Mexican maid.

One of the designs made by the Mexican maid.

The publication quickly went viral and the profile was filled with reactions from users who applauded the attitude of the worker and encouraged more people to visit her and support her income with generous tips for the fun she gives them.

After the videos went viral, Mara’s partner said that the young woman has become a celebrity in the restaurant, where more and more people come there to ask for her. Many customers even keep the voucher as a memento of her, and it is clear from her colleague’s statement that she is also highly regarded and respected among employees.

Source: ABC

Source: Clarin

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