Before his first year in office, Peru’s president Pedro Castillo is interrogated for alleged corruption

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Before his first year in office, Peru's president Pedro Castillo is interrogated for alleged corruption

The Prosecutor’s Office of Peru has asked the Andean country’s justice to investigate Castillo as a “leader of a criminal organization” rooted in the state. Photo: AF

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The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, appeared this Friday at the headquarters of the National Prosecutor’s Office to be questioned by the Attorney General, Pablo Sánchez, in the context of the Preliminary investigations which follows from a suspected case of corruption in the current government.

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“In order to clear up the complaints and speculations against metoday I will go to the National Prosecutor’s Office in an act of transparency with the people and collaboration with the judicial system, “Castillo posted on his Twitter social network account before heading to the prosecutor’s office, located a few blocks from the Government Building.

The head of state, escorted by a large contingent of police, began to issue his statements in absolute privacy as part of the investigation into the concession for the construction of a bridge in the Peruvian Amazon, which the prosecutor believes it could have been granted to an alleged criminal organization rooted in the current Executive.

This is the investigation into “Puente Tarata III”, which seeks to establish whether a former Minister of Transport and Communications, six lawmakers, a former Secretary General of the Presidency and two of Castillo’s nephews were part of an alleged crime network led by the boss. of the State to grant a public works contract.

The prosecutor claims that the president is the head of that organization, allegedly in charge of organizing the assignment of the work to businessmen who collaborated in his election campaign last year and appointing officials related to that task.

The investigation is carried out for the alleged crimes of drug dealing, criminal organization and collusion aggravated by a lawsuit involving his political and family environment.

The Peruvian president entered the prosecutor’s office without making any statements to the press, while a dozen opposition protesters waited for him at the door of the building, shouting slogans against him.

several fugitives

In this case, the former Minister of Transport and Communications is also being investigated by the National Prosecutor’s Office. Giovanni Silvacurrently a fugitive from justice, the former secretary of the presidency Bruno Pacheco and a nephew of Castillo.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office received the testimonies of businessmen karlim lopez Y Zamir Villaverdewho admitted that he represented the companies that won the awards and that presented audio in coordination with the accused officials.

Samuel Rojas, representative of the National Prosecutor’s Office, reported that there are audios revealing that Villaverde gave Silva 30,000 soles (about $ 8,000) to give to Castillo and, likewise, they have indications that López gave the boss. of state a total of 155,000 soles (about $ 41,000) in the Government Palace and in a house he used during the election campaign

With information from EFE

Source: Clarin

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