Yeimi Rivera, “The Spider Girl”: the story of her “death” in an intimate viral video

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Yeimi Rivera,

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Yeimi Rivera’s video went viral in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

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In recent days, the hard story of Yeimi Rivera, “The Spider Girl”. The young woman is a Colombian teenager who has become a trend in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico due to the escape of an intimate video with her ex partner. Due to this fact, Yeimi’s mental health has been compromised and she is currently on the mend, according to family statements.

The nickname “The Spider Girl” was given due to the sexual position she was recorded in while having intimate intercourse with her partner. Due to this content, the video quickly went viral along with the particular nickname that social network users assigned to the child.

The topic attracted a lot of attention on social networks. after the version that Yeimi had committed suicide for leaking the sex tape.

Yeimi Rivera's death was denied by her sister.

Yeimi Rivera’s death was denied by her sister.

This version was denied by her sister, although she assured that this caused great sadness and depression in the young woman.

Since Tuesday, when the video started circulating on Facebook, many users have claimed that Yeimi had taken her own life. Then the fake news was denied and it was clarified that the clip had actually been recorded in 2020 and viralized by the ex-partner of the young woman without her consent.

The leak of a video sparked rumors about Yeimi's health.

The leak of a video sparked rumors about Yeimi’s health.

Faced with this difficult situation that the woman was facing, many people said that the teenager had died, due to the social pressure of the images that were being transmitted. The photograph that was circulating, however, was not Yeimi Rivera, but Nicole Larreategui, a young Ecuadorian woman who died some time ago from a stroke.

Nafi Lateaguerri, sister of the girl in the photos, has repeatedly stressed that it is an unfortunate crossover of stories and that her relative has nothing to do with the video of “La Niña Spider” which went viral on social networks.

Yeimi Rivera and Nicole Lateaguerri.

Yeimi Rivera and Nicole Lateaguerri.

“Friends, report this FALSE post by bad people who misinform. Please respect our loss, our family is devastated and my grandmother Nico is not the one in that video, it’s fake “, Nafi Lateaguerri wrote on her Facebook profile.

At the moment and as confirmed by her sister in a post, Rivera is at home, with some symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Yeimi's former partner leaked the video without her consent.

Yeimi’s former partner leaked the video without her consent.

What do social media say?

revenge of porn

According to the Nation’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, this concept defines the non-consensual dissemination of intimate images or videos on social networks, instant messaging services and any type of social media where information is shared. The Criminal Code considers revenge porn a form of extortion. It is worth remembering that this is a “popular” but incorrect concept as speaking of “revenge” implies guilt on the part of the victim.

Who do it? After breakups or love fights, one of the people involved publicly disseminates intimate material without the consent of the other with the intent to harm. The offense today includes a sentence of up to 8 years of imprisonment.

The young woman was 14 when she recorded the video.

The young woman was 14 when she recorded the video.

Revenge porn is nothing more than the dissemination of sexual content without the consent of the other person, which in most cases takes place between partner and former partner.

Yeimi Rivera, "The Spider Girl".

Yeimi Rivera, “The Spider Girl”.

The term “sexting” derives from the union of the English terms “sex” and “texting” and refers to the sending of erotic or pornographic content via mobile phones (Puyol, 2020). Sexting is the sending of images and videos of sexual content between people that occurs voluntarily and develops freely.

Sexual sextortion or extortion is the threat of revealing intimate information about a victim, unless the victim pays the extortionist.

Source: Clarin

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