The parricide for “saving souls”: John List’s brutal decision and the destruction of his almost perfect crime

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The parricide for

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John List seems to be loyal to his family.

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John’s list he was like a quiet man. Those who knew him and later testified about him noticed that he had a serene, calm and somewhat introvert personality. Although, prior to cross-examination, mention of his strange behavior appeared.

Only child of German parents, accuracy and good work are their main mottos.

Following these principles, says Chilean site Bio Biocontinued the family tradition of very active claim to the Lutheran religion. He used to participate in activities and even teach rules.

Another of its milestones, as the same note says, is that during the WWII he enrolls in army and became a lieutenant. Then, at the end of the war, he attended college and graduated in accounting.

The quiet life of John List

In his mid -twenties, in the early 1950s, he met Helen Morris Taylor.

She was widowed at a very young age, because her husband was in the army and died in Korea.

John List was found eighteen years after the crime.

John List was found eighteen years after the crime.

Shortly after the meeting, John and Helen were married. Helen had a daughter from her first marriage and within a few years they were born Patricia, John Jr. and Fredericthe children of the newlyweds.

Parallel, These were years of strong economic growth. John got an attractive position in a bank and it affected the well-being of the family.

Helen, then, he thought that the best thing was to move into a house according to that good economic condition. The selected area, according to various case records, It is a mansion built during the Victorian era with 19 rooms, a stunning ballroom and luxurious stained glass with a Tiffany seal.among other attractions.

His legacy is inconsistent with such a leap. So, they used the loan from John’s mother, Alma’s list. He was enthusiastic about investing and suggested a proposal to make it happen. He is going to a separate apartment, located on the top floor of the house. A common practice at the time.


The Descent of the John List

The family seemed to have a perfect life. Until the first alarm signals began, with no one in attendance.

John He lost a well -known job. He had other job opportunities and they didn’t thrive either. He is always being fired. The obvious reason was his inability to communicate with others.

In this context, economic difficulties began to emerge. To solve them, John began earning money from the savings of Alma, John’s mother. Something impossible to maintain over time. Furthermore, in its firm conception, Economic failure is a sin.

John List died in prison, at the age of 82.

John List died in prison, at the age of 82.

John he was not about to be defeated, and he did not want to show his weakness. So, as a screen, every morning he puts on his suit, has breakfast as a family and leaves the house. He wandered around all day and came back after what he called office day.


Helen’s postponement

HelenFor his part, for some time he changed his unbearable routine to mixtures of alcohol and sedatives. He sought to escape, even at the expense of his health. Though not out of the question, John’s situation imposed discomfort.

But there are others. Helen had syphilis, a highly stigmatized sexually transmitted disease. He contracted it from his first wife.

He hadn’t yet informed John of his situation and now was the time to do that.

With his inflexible ideas, it can be predicted that John will not make the diagnosis properly. So it is. To such an extent it is believed that the straw prompted him to plan the most daunting decision.

His parricidal action

November 9, 1971 John woke up his children Patricia, 16; John Jr., 15; and Frederick, 13 years old. They had to go to school. At breakfast, he chats every day.

Later Helen got up and went to the dining room.. When he was about to drink his coffee, John shot him in the back of the head. He died immediately.

John List practiced the Lutheran religion.

John List practiced the Lutheran religion.

After a few minutes, went up to the apartment of his mother, Alma. He was also shot at close range.

When his daughter Patricia arrived, he repeated his action. He did the same to his two children.

Helen’s eldest child lives independently.

after the crime

After a long time, John remembers cleaning bodies, eating dinner in the daily dining room, washing dishes, and sleeping.

The next morning, he turned on the aircon to preserve the bodies and sat down to write his confession letter.

He left the lights on. He came out of the house and locked it.

He took a train to Denver -the capital of Colorado-, he applied for a Social Security card in the name of Robert Peter Clark and began working as a cook.

A month later, two teachers of minors approached the house, alarmed at the absence without notice. Because no one attended. They called the police and entered the area.. There they discovered the family’s brutal fate and List’s letter of confession.

In that text, the man detailed his actions and as a rationale, he taught that he wanted to “save their souls”. Because his wife and his daughter had turned away from God.

The almost eternal fugitive

Efforts to find him were in vain. Meanwhile, in her new identity, she remarried and resumed her work as an accountant.

until in 1989, eighteen years later, they told their case on the television program America’s Most Wanted (AMW) – America’s most wanted.

To show the updated image, in addition to facial reconstruction graphics, they asked a forensic sculptor to make an alleged bust of John.

when watching a programWanda Flanery and her daughter Eva Mitchell discovered that the bust was the same as Robert Clark, their neighbor.

They decided to contact the police and eleven days later Clark was arrested.

Based on his fingerprints, his identity was determined and after the trial he was found guilty of all five crimes.

The sentence is life imprisonment. On March 21, 2008 John List died. He was 82 years old and spent his last 18 in prison.

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