The horrible story that moves Spain today: the “vampire of cats and dogs” and its 500 corpses

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The horrible story that moves Spain today: the

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In the “house of horror” of Humanes, in Madrid, the police found bags of blood and plasma of animals victims of a fake veterinarian.

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At this moment, all of Spain does not come out of its amazement over an animal abuse case that is truly horrifying for its cruelty and harshness. A man is being investigated by the justice of that country for having set up a blood bank for animals in Madrid for which allegedly killed 500 cats and dogs. Today, throughout the peninsula there is talk of the “domestic vampire”

The story is not new. It started almost 20 years ago, although it only came to light a few weeks ago, thanks to the story of a “repentant” who denounced the recurrent incineration of animals. Two weeks ago, the police managed to save 257 animals destined to certain death.

The alarms went off and the investigators fell on Luis Miguel VF (his name has not yet been revealed, according to the newspaper El País), who for nearly 20 years he has been hiding a filthy business: He ran an animal blood bank without having the title to do so. So, after the latest foray, researchers believe he drained the blood of cats and dogs until they “dry” them and cause them to die. They estimate it at least 500 pets met death in this creepy way.

The house of

The house of horror, in Humanes, Madrid, where the “domestic vampire” operated, the fake veterinarian who killed animals to extract their blood, which he then bagged and sold.

According to the Spanish media, Luis Miguel VF had become the reference point for animal transfusions in Spain. It was the third to move the volume the most, after a veterinary clinic in Barcelona and another in Murcia, that paid him about 160,000 euros a year.

The Prosecutor’s Office and Seprona state that the deaths occurred in his home in Humanes (Madrid), a place from which the four-legged body bags and from which agents rescued 257 cats and dogs 15 days ago.

The accused and arrested criminal obtained the animals through the owners who did not want to continue looking after them, and also thanks to the pimps who delegated their charge. Luis Miguel VF appeared as sole administrator in the commercial register of a company called Centro de Transfusiones Veterinario SL, and as president of the Association of Hematology and Homeopathy Animal, which was responsible for the certification of hematology laboratories and associated blood banks. However, all those titles and positions were fake.

Most of the dogs found still alive in the horror house, in Humanes, Madrid, were greyhounds because their blood is universal.

Most of the dogs found still alive in the horror house, in Humanes, Madrid, were greyhounds because their blood is universal.

In order to extract more blood, the defendant committed the worst cruelty: he punctured the animals directly on the left ventricle of the heart, which directly caused them. death from hypovolemic shock. Most of the dogs were greyhounds, as their blood is universal.

Then he froze the corpses. And still burning them, he cremated them in an illegal crematorium in Yuncos, Toledo. The Public Prosecutor’s Office registered 60 bodies of animals killed for blood sampling between April and May 2022. In particular, they are 27 dogs, 29 cats, 3 rabbits and a ferret.

Civil Guard agents have located the laboratory where the appalling mining practices were carried out on the Humanes estate. The fake vet’s goal was to sell blood to veterinary clinics, mainly, at a price of 80 euros for 400 milliliters in the case of dogs, and 85 euros for 40 milliliters in cats. The detainee offered homeopathy services in Spain but also recovered offered to other countries such as Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal.

The inmate punctured the animals

The inmate punctured the animals’ hearts without anesthesia while they were tied up. He was “drying” them until his death.

After the news broke, the Madrid Veterinary College warned him they never had a relationship with the criminal under investigation and that they had never registered complaints.

On the one hand, that organization has accused him of practicing untitled veterinary practice and also wants to investigate if animal welfare regulations have been violated.

Source: Clarin

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