‘Exploded’: Account of the fight that killed 2 Brazilians in Ukraine

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According to an account given by the platoon command to the families of Douglas Búrigo and Thalita do Valle, Russian missiles hit the camp in the city of Kharkov in the early morning (2) yesterday, where two Brazilians allied with Ukrainian troops were killed in combat. hours after the war.

There are three cases of Brazilians killed in the middle of the war in Ukraine. André Hack Bahi was shot dead during a shootout in Sieverodonetsk, one of the main battlefields in the east of the country, in the early hours of 5 June.

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wanted by UOL, Itamaraty (Department of State) did not comment on the report on the deaths of Douglas and Thalita until the publication of this report. It took four days for the organ to confirm André’s death. The Brazilian embassy in Ukraine has confirmed that Douglas has made contact with his family, but has yet to find any of Thalita’s relatives.

Douglas and Thalita were part of the same platoon as André Hack, the first Brazilian killed in the Ukrainian war. Less than a month later, the unit is again facing casualties from fighters from Brazil.

The family of 40-year-old Brazilian Douglas Burigo said they were informed by the embassy that he died in battle in the Ukraine war - Personal archive - Personal archive

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The family of 40-year-old Brazilian Douglas Burigo said they were informed by the embassy that he died in combat in the Ukraine war.

Image: Personal archive

According to the report, which was sent to Douglas’ family via video call yesterday, the unit managed to escape from the accommodation after the first bombings occurred. However, Douglas returned when he realized that Thalita had not left. According to the family, the missiles hit the unit at that moment.

“The platoon commander informed us that the unit had managed to escape after the initial bombing. However, Douglas returned to pick up his comrade in uniform, who was also left behind. At that time, the missiles hit the barracks. Carlos dos Reis, Douglas’ brother-in-law.

Douglas, born in Uruguayaiana (RS), was a soldier in the Brazilian Army. In recent years, he has moved to live with his family in the city of São José dos Ausentes, in Rio Grande do Sul, where he owns a tire shop.

He left Brazil on May 24 while boarding a plane at Guarulhos International Airport (SP). The next day, he set foot in the occupied country for the first time. The Brazilian fighter had a 15-year-old daughter.

Douglas’ brother-in-law, businessman Carlos dos Reis, said his family tried to persuade him not to join the Ukrainian troops. “But it didn’t work out. His idea was to go to Ukraine to help rebuild the country,” she says.

According to the fighters, Douglas and Thalita’s paths crossed in Ukraine while still looking for an opportunity to join the Ukrainian troops.

“Thalita took some money for him and recommended it to the platoon. [onde ele se alistou]. Then he went to a Georgia battalion. [país do Leste Europeu]. It didn’t work and he joined the same unit as Douglas,” said Fabio Júnior de Oliveira, 42, a former military officer also in Ukraine.

On her LinkedIn profile, Thalita identified herself as a lawyer and a member of the OAB-SP’s (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil de São Paulo) refugee law commission. “Humanitarian aid in conflict zones around the world. It operates in remote and rubble areas,” she says on the page.

Herculano Barreto Filho

03/07/2022 04:00

source: Noticias

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