AFP – Police say suspect who shot General Denmark suffers from mental health problems 04/07/2022 06:07

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Police said on Monday that the suspect in the shooting at the Copenhagen shopping center that left three dead and four seriously injured on Sunday had a psychiatric history and said there were currently no signs of an “act of terrorism”.

Copenhagen Police Chief Søren Thomassen said the 22-year-old Dane, who was arrested shortly after the massacre, chose the victims at random.

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Thomassen said police believe the videos of the suspect, which have been circulating on social media since Sunday, are genuine.

In the footage, the man appears with guns, imitating suicidal gestures, or talking about a treatment that “doesn’t work” with a drug prescribed by a psychiatrist.

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According to AFP, the suspect’s YouTube and Instagram accounts were shut down overnight.

“The suspect has a psychiatric history,” Thomassen said. “There is no indication that they have accomplices,” he said.

According to police, the three victims of the shooting are a 17-year-old Danish teenager and a teenager and a 47-year-old Russian resident in the country.

Four seriously injured are two Danes, aged 19 and 40, and two Swedes, a 50-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.

“Our conclusion is that he chose the victims at random,” said the inspector. “There is no indication that it was an act of terrorism”

In the fight that broke out after the clash, other people were slightly injured.

04/07/2022 06:07updated on 04/07/2022 06:27

source: Noticias

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