“I am a 35 year old virgin and I don’t want to have sex before marriage.”

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The 35-year-old maintains her Hindu religious beliefs.

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Sonali Chandra. A 35-year-old girl shared a message with the American site Insider, where she talks about her religious beliefs about her and talks about the value of being a virgin at marriage. The woman’s article tells the origin of her family in India, her religious values, the strict education imposed on her by her parents and her adolescence in New York.

“My colleagues often talk about their various relationships. I never join the conversation,” he describes.

“I’m 35 and proudly hold my V (virgin) card. I need a ring on my finger before I lose my virginity to my only partner. I would be devastated if I betray my principles and have a one night stand. “

Sonali Chandra is 35 years old and she loves her virginity.

Sonali Chandra is 35 years old and she loves her virginity.

“It’s not because I’m scared, although I know first-time sex can be painful, but” friends with the right to touch “and no-commitment relationships aren’t for me, I’m looking for my soul mate,” the text says. posted on Insider.

“As a first generation modern American Indian, I am delighted to maintain the traditional values ​​of the country where my parents grew up. Sex before marriage is taboo in India. “

“My mom and dad never talked about sex when I was little. My sister and I loved watching Bollywood movies in the 90s and early 00s. The movies didn’t show a couple kissing, but the actors could holding hands, ”he says.

Sonali Chandra spoke to an American medium.

Sonali Chandra spoke to an American medium.

“When I was in high school there was no cleavage, no makeup, no socializing with the boys. I stayed home for prom and senior year. The only time I got dressed up was for dance recitals. For years she has been dancing Indian dance and performing in high school talent shows. People were shocked because I was the class freak wearing glasses and braces. ”

In India, keeping the hymen intact until marriage is important, as it is associated with the spiritual purity that the woman must maintain for her husband, but beyond the religious question, there is also a social pressure to keep it, because it is estimated that the bride’s family risks the honor by marrying a virgin.

For this reason, in some tribes and rural countries it is even customary to subject the bride to a vaginal examination, to confirm whether she is truly chaste. Many husbands mistakenly think that if a woman does not bleed during her first sexual experience, it is because she is not a virgin. For this they prescribe humiliating medical tests for young women.

Sonali Chandra

Sonali Chandra’s parents had an “arranged” marriage in India.

“I lived with my family during my years at Rutgers University, where I graduated in finance. My dad used to say, ‘What’s going on on college campuses? The kids sleep over there.’

“He told me about his plans for my arranged marriage on my way home from my graduation in 2009. I was 23 and I thought, ‘You didn’t even let me have a boyfriend.’ He said: “I’ll find someone for you. There are all kinds of Indian marriage sites online.”

“I told him no, thanks.”

In India it is a very deep-rooted and traditional custom for parents to organize the wedding of their children. In exchange for the protection and care of the daughter, the bride’s family gives a dowry or a sum of money to her future husband and her family. Sometimes it happens that the amount of committed dowry is inaccessible to a family, resulting in numerous “dowry murders” due to disputes between families.

“Dad decided to find someone in America who had strong Indian values. He was trying to introduce me to doctors and lawyers. But I never met them. I didn’t trust my father to choose a husband for me. He would like someone like him. My parents’ wedding, which was organized in India, was difficult. ”

“I gave my first kiss when I was 26 and it was great. Things didn’t go any further. I think the romance went nowhere because of my beliefs. “.

Four years ago, I met another guy who I really liked. We were having a drink at a hotel bar one evening and he wanted to rent a room. I told him it would be my first time. He told me: “You deserve someone who is always by your side, but I can’t be.” He didn’t answer my calls or messages afterwards. “

Source: Clarin

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