Search in the Trump house: the FBI was looking for secret documents related to nuclear weapons

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According to the Washington Post, some of the documents sought by US federal authorities at the former president’s villa in Mar-a-Lago are related to nuclear weapons.

Top secret information hidden from US authorities? The FBI searched for classified documents related to the US nuclear arsenal during the raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, reports the FBI. Washington Post.

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According to the American newspaper -which claims to have sources close to the investigation-, the FBI fears that this information, whose content has not been communicated, could end up in the wrong hands. However, it was not specified whether these sought-after documents had been found in the former president’s house.

A search “personally approved” by the Minister of Justice

Situation that would explain the unprecedented operation carried out this Monday by the federal authorities in Mar-a-Lago. Given the barrage of criticism from supporters of the former Republican president, the US Justice Minister justified this exceptional search.

“I personally approved of the decision to seek a search warrant in this case,” Merrick Garland said in a brief and rare television appearance. “The department does not take this type of decision lightly,” he added, adding that it had been approved by a federal judge.

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Stressing that “ethical obligations” prevented him from detailing the reasons for the search, Merrick Garland said he asked a Florida judge to lift the order’s confidentiality, as Donald Trump publicly confirmed the search and in view of the “significant interest public in this matter. Never has a former White House tenant cared for justice in this way.

Author: Hugues Garnier with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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