“Come with the poster and everything”: in the middle of an act, Luis Lacalle Pou called a protester who asked for medicine

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the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Poustarred in a curious episode during an act in a clinic with a woman asking for more drugs.

The president went to the reopening of the Obelisco district polyclinic, in Canelones, when he interrupted his intervention on the building improvements of the plant and invited the young woman to go on stage.

“I would like this lady who is back there with the poster … Come here for a minute, I came with the poster and everything“, said Lacalle Pou. The young woman then approached with her poster which said:” Instead of coming to reopen, send medications“.

The Uruguayan president stressed the importance of being able to demonstrate, as in the case of the “neighbor” who approached him to ask them to send a mediation on the spot, instead of witnessing the “reopening”.

“It’s nice to come anywhere in the country and for neighbors to demonstrate. In this case, the neighbor’s demonstration is notorious, which we appreciate, ”the president said.

Lacalle Pou takes a selfie on the street.  Photo Pablo PORCIUNCULA.

Lacalle Pou takes a selfie on the street. Photo Pablo PORCIUNCULA.

Lacalle Pou said so complaints are welcome in your managementbecause they made the civilization of Uruguay and recognized that it was a simple “reopening”, but that it was an advantage for all the neighbors.

“I don’t bother you anymore, thank you”, with these words the president fired the young woman, who came down from the podium with her sign. And she said: “She is very important the plural construction of our country“.

Finally, he continued his speech, without the young woman at his side. “So today what we are doing is improving a polyclinic, no more, no less. To who? At the request of officials, for whom? For the neighbors ”, concluded the President of Uruguay.

Source: Clarin

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