The ‘Batman style’ sub is selling for R$8 million and can carry missiles; Look

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An armored stingray submarine that looks like it came straight out of the Batman movie is on sale for £1.3m.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, the ship, named Kronos Submarine, was created by the Suffolk and United Arab Emirates-based company Highland Systems.

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The 9-meter-long vehicle has a capacity of ten passengers, is suitable for commercial operations and rescue operations, and can be used in combat as it can be equipped with missiles.

Its futuristic hydrodynamic design features folding wings that help save fuel while increasing top speed and providing greater stability.

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In addition, the Kronos submarine can reach a speed of 80 km / h in water and 50 km / h under the waves. The diesel and electric hybrid propulsion system produces 1,200 horsepower with a range of 54 hours.

submarine - Yayla Systems - Yayla Systems

The 9-meter-long technology vehicle can take ten passengers

Picture: Yayla Systems

Under water, it reaches a depth of up to 250 meters with an air supply lasting 36 hours.

Inside, there is lighting, air conditioning and an automatic system that adapts to the environment.

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