Ukraine’s harsh reaction to the meeting of the Argentine ambassador to the UN with his counterpart in Russia: “My mother, very good meeting”

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Ukraine's harsh reaction to the meeting of the Argentine ambassador to the UN with his counterpart in Russia:

Federico Villegas Beltran, Argentina’s ambassador to the United Nations (third from left to right) with his Russian counterpart Gennady Gatilov (third from right to left).

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In an unprecedented conflict between Argentina Y Ukraine within United Nationsthe representative of the government of Volodimir Zelensky responded with a harsh remark to the ambassador of Argentina to international organizations for his meeting and his picture with the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan Y South Africa.

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The ambassador of Argentina in Geneva, Federico Villegas Beltran holding the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council, defended the controversial meeting as part of “multilateralism.”

He was also supported by Foreign Ministry authorities in Buenos Aires. although it was disliked by the opposition and some savvy diplomats because “this is not the time.” Russia has just been suspended from the Human Rights Council by 93 votes in favor of the General Assembly, among them are the United States, Western Europe and Argentina.

“The president of the Human Rights Council saves multilateralism or as one commented: My mother! What a board! It’s impossible to imagine a more embarrassing tweet that could invalidate someone’s respectability and impartiality more effectively, ”Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN in New York, wrote on Thursday.

Villegas Beltran has a mission with UN organizations, in Geneva, while the Ukrainian complainant is in New York, where the General Assembly and Security Council have their “headquarters”, which reinforces his complaint.

He did so by retweeting Villegas Beltrán’s message from Wednesday with Russian Gennady Gatilov, and the other diplomats, and said the following. “Now more than ever we need to increase mutual understanding and cooperation, regardless of our differences. Thank you Ambassadors from Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Belarus, China and South Africa for a great discussion on how protect #multilateraldiplomacy on @UN_HRC, “In what represents a scandal of symmetry in the community of United Nations diplomats – Ukraine is a country now“ spoiled ”condemning the massive aggression by Russian forces – where this Thursday in Geneva the water will also be divided.

But more than all that controversy, what caught the attention was that Villegas Beltrán — a career diplomat, professional and educated, albeit a devout Kirchnerist — met with the Russian diplomat after a wave of criticism from hard-line Christians. because the government joined the vote of the West – and therefore the United States – which ended Russia’s suspension from the UN Human Rights Council.

They criticized him from the senator Oscar Parrilli, sidekick of Cristina Kirchner, to former ambassador Alicia Castro and Deputy Eduardo Valdés.

The situation for the President Alberto Fernandez it is so difficult in this field that to his team they have made it clear that they will not support now the expulsion of Russia from the G20 as advocated by Joe Biden.

On the other hand, Villegas Beltran’s meeting with Gennady Gatilov also takes place on the same day that the vice president reiterated in vague terms on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Because even in one section of his speech to the CCK at the opening of the EUROLAT Assembly he placed Russia among the four countries of the five that have “permanent seats and have the right to veto the Security Council” at one point, disrespecting the standards of international law ”, he elliptically cites the“ double standards of powers that believe they are superior to others and do not respect them. And he gave as an example the “invasion of the Malvinas” (of the United Kingdom) as a “clear example” A few minutes later, the Spanish-language site of the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted: “#Zajárova: 40 years old passed. since the beginning of the conflict around the Malvinas Islands. We propose the resumption of negotiations between Argentina and Great Britain to resolve the sovereignty dispute in accordance with UN resolutions. “

Source: Clarin

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