Passenger lit a cigarette on the plane and flew to Bali

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A man waiting on an Australian airline flight made passengers riot jet starat Melbourne Airport. The plane was en route to the Indonesian island of Bali.

When the passenger decided to light a cigarette inside the plane, triggering the emergency smoke warning inside the plane, takeoff was delayed and everyone had been waiting in their seats for over four hours.

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The other invaders were enraged and the police had to be called. The smoker, who caused the departure to be delayed further, was accompanied by the angry looks of the passengers as he was taken off the plane by the authorities.

@sineadmerrett This guy thinks a delayed flight means he can fire a dart on the plane, now no bali space for you x #bali #delayedflight #byebye #fyp ? Oh No (Instrumental) – Kreepa

(6) A video of the incident that took place on Tuesday was posted on TikTok by one of the passengers, where it received nearly 140,000 views. Sinaed Merrett wrote, “This guy thinks that because the flight was delayed it means he can burn an ass on the plane. There is no Bali vacation for you at the moment.”

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“Smoking, using newspapers or e-cigarettes is prohibited on any Jetstar aircraft, in Australian airport terminals or on the runway,” a Jetstar spokesperson said in a statement.

Tourists enduring delays finally arrived at their destination at Denpasar airport around midnight on Wednesday, about 13 hours after boarding the plane.

09/10/2022 16:50

source: Noticias

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