Media Talks London, II. lined up to see Elizabeth’s parade; flights were postponed to ensure silence 14.09.2022 10:22

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London Central London stopped to watch the passage of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, accompanied by Prince William and Harry, who set the dispute aside to honor their children and their grandmother, who died five days ago at the age of 96.

Since yesterday, thousands of people have been on the streets to find a good spot and watch the parade. Streets were marked to indicate crossing points, and some subway stations were closed.

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Queen Elizabeth London Regiment
Streets in central London were marked to indicate where Queen Eilzabeth’s procession would pass (Photo: Aldo De Luca)

According to the statement made by the airport, one of the most important airports in Europe, flights from Heathrow Airport will be delayed in order not to disturb the procession.

It is expected to suspend flights between 13:50 and 15:40 on Wednesday to “keep quiet in central London as the procession moves from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall”.

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Although all TV stations broadcast live, the queues are huge to get to the places where the parade can be seen.

However, many want to personally see the farewell of a person who has spent 70 years on the throne and left his mark on the history of the country.

Some took the opportunity to make money, like a man selling flowers to those who wanted to pay tribute to the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth's funeral blooms in London
Photo: Aldo De Luca / MediaTalks

Authorities are appalled by the amount of objects left in parks and in front of palaces and are urging the public to leave unwrapped flowers to facilitate composting.

The tails of the coffin, which will remain in the Palace of Westminster for four days, are expected to reach 10 miles.

The last member of the royal family to attend her funeral was Queen Anne, when more than 200,000 people lined up to see her coffin in 2002.

A huge security and support plan was set up to organize it in English style. Those who reach the end of the line will receive a numbered and colored bracelet, and will be able to rest, eat or use the bathroom without losing their place.

More than 1,000 people will work each shift, including police, security guards and volunteers from groups such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and even sign language interpreters, organizers said.

II. There are a total of 500 chemical toilets for those who have to queue to see Elizabeth’s coffin for a few seconds.

Since the Queen’s death was announced last Thursday, it has been designed more than 30 years ago and its details are in the aftermath of World War II. The plan, called Operation London Bridge, set by Elizabeth herself, came into play.

He died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland for an undisclosed reason, one of the many mysteries surrounding the monarchy, implementing the motto “never explain, never complain” in his communications.

The next day, the new monarch made his first speech to the nation, and on Saturday, in a televised ceremony for the first time in history, King Henry III. Charles was proclaimed.

On Monday, the coffin with the queen’s body left Balmoral, passed through several Scottish cities in parade, and arrived at Holyrood Palace, the seat of the Scottish parliament, where it attracted the attention of a quiet crowd, hurried past the closed vase and covered with banners. II. Elizabeth’s red and yellow.

Police suppressed anti-monarchy protests and even arrested protesters in Edinburgh, Oxford and London.

The coffin arrived in London last night. His body will be buried on September 19, the national holiday.

source: Noticias

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