The Man Who Claimed To Be Jesus Before He Cut His Leg In Front Of His Daughter

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A 48-year-old man from Arkansas, USA, and his wife of 30 years were arrested after claiming the man was ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘Satan’ – he even used his own leg to cut off his own leg with a chainsaw in front of him. daughter, 5 years old. Shannon Cox and his wife, Sandy Michelle Cox, were detained last week and charged with endangering a child’s health.

On August 2, police officers in Boone County responded to an urgent call about a man with his leg amputated. Upon arriving at the scene, the first police officer contacted Shannon said he found the man ‘laying naked in front of the residence with part of his right leg missing’. When Officer Shannon asked how the injury was, he allegedly replied ‘with a saw’.

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Shortly after the authorities arrived, Shannon was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The cops contacted Sandy Cox and told him to go to the sheriff’s office that morning. During questioning, Sandy claimed that Shannon had been acting strangely all day before amputating her own leg.

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“Sandy said he was Jesus Christ and needed to mend with the Lord. He later said that he was violent towards him and that he was Satan. He told his wife that he would bow his head and continue to make verbal threats,” exactly as written in the lawsuit statement.

The affidavit also includes information about Sandy neglecting her own daughter: “Sandy said that at around 8:15 pm, she left the residence because she was afraid Shannon would kill her. She went to a friend and never came home. She told him why she didn’t go. Her daughter Alma said she was worried that Shannon wanted to kill her and she wasn’t worried about her daughter”.

The next day, investigators interviewed the couple’s 5-year-old daughter at a juvenile defense center, where they allegedly confirmed that ‘she was there when her father cut off her own leg’. During the interview, investigators noted that the girl ‘still seems in a state of shock’ from the incident and ‘trying to walk away from the conversation’.

Shannon and Sandy Cox were released after paying bail of US$10,000 (approximately R$50 million at current rates). They will appear in court next month.

09/17/2022 00:08updated on 09/17/2022 00:08

source: Noticias

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