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London – Queen of the British population His admiration for Elizabeth is supported since childhood by three elements linked to her public image: faith in God (the monarch is also head of the Anglican Church) and the so-called “sense of duty” (a duty to serve the nation), and now every moment of farewell ceremonies is valued. given family life.

The only child Anne accompanied the entire procession in Scotland on Sunday, the coffin left Balmoral Castle for Edinburgh and set the tone for the next step. King Charles III refers to the monarch as “my dear mother”.

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Several times, children and grandchildren stood side by side at funerals and moved the country in vigils around the coffin, such as on Saturday night when the grandchildren got together to wake the queen on television for fifteen minutes.

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Heartbreaking messages are shared by family members on social media.

The last was that of her grandchildren Eugenie and Beatrice; this was strictly revised to avoid any mistakes that could be misinterpreted by the helpers and ended with a monarchical God Save The King. But she has a personal tone that can empathize with any grandmother or grandchild.

And it was featured on the royal family’s official social networks with a photo that could have come from any person’s family album, possibly taken at a Christmas party.

According to historical records, sisters Elizabeth and Margaret had a happy childhood with their parents, the Queen Anne (also known as Elizabeth), and their brother, their father, who would become King VI when Edward abdicated in 1936 to marry an American divorced woman. Wallis Simpson – not at all acceptable for the family tradition of the time.

II. Elizabeth was not able to be with her children that long due to the travels and commitments she undertook when she was only 25 years old.

And there are rumors that she prefers to engage in other activities when she can be with children. But not everything said about the life of the British royal can be trusted.

In interviews, Princess Anne categorically denies that this happened and assures that her mother is ready and attentive.

True or half true, the truth is that World War II. Despite the divorce of three of her four children and recent disagreements between William’s grandchildren, Elizabeth effectively gained a reputation as a wife, mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather determined to keep her family together. .and Harry.

And while this was criticized for being blatantly disconnected from the tributes to Princess Diana, it was vital to building and maintaining adoration. The legitimate reason was to support the grandchildren.

Thus, Queen II. Elizabeth said goodbye as part of the British family, a conservative and traditional family. And this is his successor, King III. It is a tribute to the image that Charles will have more difficulties to breed, marry a second time, and have two children currently barely talking to each other.

During the Queen’s Farewell Week, II. The “family” element of Elizabeth’s reputation proved important to the public image of the monarchy at this stage when turmoil over her death could boost support and neutralize criticism.

On the official website of the royal family, II. There’s a topic-only section with photos and stories that illustrate Elizabeth’s dedication to those closest to her, those who provide “health.” a foundation on which he draws strength and comfort throughout his life.”

Queen See pictures of Elizabeth’s family life

King George Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother and Princess Margaret British Monarchy Royal
Queen Anne, King George and their daughters Elizabeth and Margaret take a walk in the countryside (Royal Family introduction)

In a letter from the King (his father) after marrying Prince Philip in 1947, Queen Elizabeth spoke about her closeness to the family:

“I have watched you proudly grow up under your mother’s masterful direction all these years. […] He is the most wonderful person in the world in my eyes. And I know I can always count on you and now Philip to help us with our work.”

In a tribute to the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth after her death in 2002, Prince Philip referred to his close relationship with his mother-in-law:

“An immensely strong character combined with an unmatched natural grace and an infectious optimism about life itself.

I also know what it means to my entire family, especially Queen Elizabeth II, to whom she was a loyal and sensitive support when King George died. Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip royal monarchy death queen
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (release the Royal Family)

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh met at the wedding of Prince Philip’s cousin, Princess Marina of Greece, to then-Princess Elizabeth’s uncle, the Duke of Kent, in 1934.

The couple kept in touch during the war, when Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy. The engagement was announced on 9 July 1947 and the wedding took place on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

Home videos released for a documentary commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee on the throne show footage of the young woman admiring her engagement ring.

The couple, who reunited in the post-war austerity era, did not have an idyllic honeymoon. The two spent their days at the groom’s uncle’s house. Broadlands, Hampshire, and in Balmoral, where the Queen died on 8 September.

The Married Life of Young Princess Elizabeth

In the early years of their marriage, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were able to live relatively privately while the princess cared for her young family while pursuing her maritime career.

Prince Charles – now king – was born in 1948 and Princess Anne two years later.

From 1949 to 1951 the couple lived on the island of Malta, where he served as a naval officer.

Prince Philip and Queen II in Malta Family Life  Elizabeth
Prince Philip and Queen II in Malta Elizabeth (release the Royal Family)

II. Elizabeth becomes queen and family life changes

The couple’s life began in 1951, when King VI.

He was in Kenya when the king died in 1952. Philip S won the title.His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (release the Royal Family)

Unauthorized biographies, tabloid gossip, and TV shows like The Crown show marriage to be in turmoil. But the sense of duty and family was stronger.

Understanding that a normal family image is also important for empathizing with the audience.

One example was the idea of ​​opening intimacy in 1969 for the production of a video that showed scenes such as an informal dinner in a small room like many Brits’ homes and a lakeside barbecue by Prince Philip. He doesn’t seem very familiar with the grill.

But she lived through it all, keeping her family image together. Prince Philip in 2009 She became the longest-serving British consort in the history of the British Crown, surpassing George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte.

In 2002, in the year of the Golden Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth spoke of her family’s support at a sensitive time following the deaths of her mother, Queen Anne Elizabeth, and her sister, Princess Margaret:

“I take this opportunity to talk about the strength I get from my own family. […]

I want to express my admiration for the Prince of Wales. [o atual rei Charles III)  e por tudo que ele conquistou para este país.

Nossos filhos e toda a minha família me deram tanto amor e ajuda ao longo dos anos, e especialmente nos últimos meses.”

Durante um almoço para marcar suas Bodas de Ouro em 1997, a rainha fez um discurso repetido exaustivamente na época em que o príncipe Philip morreu, em 2021:

“Ele é alguém que não aceita elogios facilmente. 

Ele tem, simplesmente, sido minha força e permanência todos esses ano. E eu, e toda a família, e este e muitos outros países, temos com ele uma dívida maior do que ele jamais reivindicaria ou jamais saberemos.”

Em 2017, a rainha e o duque de Edimburgo se tornaram o primeiro casal da família real britânica a comemorar Bodas de Platina (70 anos).

Foto: divulgação The Royal Family

Filhos, netos e bisnetos

A rainha teve mais quatro filhos: Charles, Anne, o príncipe Andrew, nascido em 1960 e o príncipe Edward, em 1964. Eles foram os primeiros filhos de um monarca reinante desde a época da rainha Vitória. 

Família real monarquia Rainha Elizabeth II e príncipe Philip com filhos Anne, Charles, Edward e Andrew
Rainha Elizabeth II e príncipe Philip com os filhos Anne, Charles, Andrew e Edward, no carrinho de bebê (divulgação The Royal Family)

Com o avanço da idade, Elizabeth e Philip reduziram as viagens e em 2015 encerraram de vez as idas ao exterior, uma delas ao Brasil, na década de 60

Children and grandchildren began to play the role of the couple in the so-called “attraction of attraction”, visits that captivated the crowd.

In the beginning it was easier, but lately the travels of monarchical representatives have been difficult in an environment where the colonial legacy and republican movements have been called into question.

Even the popular Prince William and his wife Kate, now the Prince and Princess of Wales, have not escaped criticism.

Raised in a religious and connected family, Queen Elizabeth seems to have a genuine love and concern for her family, and she has shown this in adverse situations as well.

One was when Andrew, the favorite son of many, faced a storm as he was involved in an underage sexual abuse scandal that sued him in New York.

The process ended after a millionaire’s compensation (which the queen would help pay) was paid, and he lost his military positions and titles. Still, her mother faced risks and chose her to attend church for her husband’s one-year Mass.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had four children (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward) and eight grandchildren: Peter and Zara Phillips (born 1977 and 1981); William and Henry of Wales (1982 and 1984); Beatrice and Eugenie (1988 and 1990) and Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn.

12 great-grandchildren George (2013), Charlotte and Louis (2018), children of current Princes of Wales William and Kate, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor (2019) and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor (2021), Harry and Meghan Markle; Savannah Phillips (2010) and Isla Phillips (2012), children of Peter and Autumn Phillips; Zara and Mike Tindall’s children Mia Tindall (2014), Lena Tindall (2018) and Lucas Tindall (2021); August Brooksbank (2021), daughter of Sienna Mapelli Mozzi (2021), Princess Beatrice of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, and son of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

source: Noticias

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