AFP – Russian Minister General opposes UN accusations about war in Ukraine: ‘Covering up Kiev’s crimes’ 22/09/2022 13:27

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected Western accusations at the UN Security Council on violations in Ukraine on Thursday and called for punishment of the Kyiv government.

In response to reports of violations by Russian military forces, Lavrov accused the “US and its allies, by colluding with international human rights organizations, to cover up the crimes of the Kyiv regime.”

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“Kyiv owes its Western partners its impunity,” the Russian minister told his colleagues, including Ukrainian Dmytro Kuleba, at this special Security Council meeting dedicated to the situation in Ukraine.

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The minister took the podium to launch a critique of Kiev’s “Totalitarian Nazi State” and the impunity for Ukraine’s actions since 2014.

Lavrov, who did not speak publicly outside of the UN General Assembly, also categorically rejected the work of the International Criminal Court, which he said Russia “does not trust in any way”.

He concluded that the decision to launch a special military operation, as Moscow called it, was “inevitable”.

22.09.2022 13:27updated on 22.09.2022 13:41

source: Noticias

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