Man missing in strong earthquake in China found 17 days later

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A 28-year-old man, who went missing after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in China’s Sichuan province, was found alive on Wednesday (21). According to China Daily, Gan Yu was wandering in the mountains when Ni Taigao, a villager from Yaojin village in Shimian, saw him. The hydroelectric power plant worker, who was severely nearsighted, wandered for days without glasses.

The earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan province on September 5 was the strongest in the region since 2017, killing more than 45 people and shaking the provincial capital, Chengdu.

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China National Radio reported that the local resident who found him noticed the man’s injury and described the rescue as a “miracle of life”.

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Gan was on duty with his colleague Luo Yong when the earthquake happened on September 5. The two were in the area to give first aid to their injured colleagues.

They then tried to leave the distant power station by walking about 20 kilometers. However, Gan lost his glasses during the earthquake and struggled to continue walking through the mountainous terrain.

The two men tried desperately to find someone to help them. Thus, they decided that Gan should stay where he was while Luo continued to seek help. Both made a temporary shelter with a bed of moss and bamboo leaves.

On September 8, Luo was found by rescuers, but was gone on September 11 when Gan’s temporary shelter was discovered. There were only Chinese clothes and footprints on the ground.


Earlier this week, local farmer Ni Taigao returned to his mountainside village where the plant is located and heard about Gan hunting. He joined the search and after walking for two hours he heard the faint cries of Gan lying under some trees.

Gan’s clothes were torn and he had wounds on his legs.

It took other rescuers hours to reach Gan, who was taken to a nearby hospital on Wednesday and where doctors found he suffered multiple fractures, according to official CCTV.

Although pessimistic, the mental state of the employee was good. “She cried and said she was lucky to meet me,” Ni said.

Gan claims to have survived by eating blackberries.

09/23/2022 04:00

source: Noticias

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