Size document? Study says appearance influences first impression

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A group of researchers from the University of New Mexico Highlands conducted a study to answer a question: “What does your penis say about you?” According to the study, men with large penises and shortened pubic hair are seen as more attractive, extroverted and open to new experiences, while those with smaller limbs are marked as neurotic.

The scientists showed pictures of 24 penises varying in size, circumference and amount of pubic hair. After observing each image, participants asked, would this person be okay in bed? Is this an attractive penis? Is this person extroverted, enthusiastic, reliable, self-disciplined? Or is he anxious or easily upset? And finally, how many sexual partners do you think this person has?

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Men with smaller penises were rated as neurotic, worse in bed, and less receptive to new experiences, while men with larger penises were praised as more attractive, sexually active, extroverted, and more conscientious.

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As for the environment, research shows that men with larger penises are better in bed, more open to new experiences, more pleasant, more extroverted, more sexually active, and idealized with more sexual partners.

Pubic hair was also analyzed. And in this case, men who trimmed it because they looked more attractive did better. Basically, the research findings show that we can get an impression of men simply by evaluating penises.

The scientists wrote in the study: “This research shows that genital appearance can contribute to socially shared implicit theories about people, regardless of whether these impressions reflect the true personality of the person being evaluated.”

Now, the goal of the researchers is to go further and do more research to assess the personalities of the men and see if the participants in the study really have the perceptions they have.

09/23/2022 04:00

source: Noticias

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