They are auctioning an exotic Ferrari Testarossa Spider, the car that gave life to the Out Run game

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Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, the OutRun It was one of the arcade games that car enthusiasts enjoyed the most. The mission: to lead a couple on board a Ferrari Testarossa Spider to reach one of the five possible destinations.

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One of the few existing copies of that Ferrari, the real one, the exotic one, the one that inspired the SEGA developers to adapt it and bring it to the game, is auctioned today in London, through RM Sothesby’s.

The organizers hope to raise between 1.4 and 1.8 million pounds, the equivalent 1.6 and 2.1 million dollarsan expected figure considering its exclusivity and who the vehicle is almost 0 km. Since 1984, however, 7,177 units of the Testarossa coupé have been produced.

The Testarossa convertible

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The story goes that Ferrari produced only one Testarossa Spider for Gianni Agnello, which at the time was at the head of the Fiat Group. However, his design was so successful that special orders soon came.

For this the Maranello brand has contacted Pininfarina to create a customized project. The Italian coachbuilder was commissioned to create a supercar like no other.

Pininfarina is believed to have made seven adaptations of the Testarossa Spider at the request of the Sultan of Brunei, each finished with a different combination of exterior and interior colors. In addition to these Brunei cars, a very small number have been built for major customers, including the forwarder.

Surprisingly, this unit has never been filmed other than just to be shown at events. For this reason, the odometer reads 415 kilometers.

And to make it look like 0 km, the vehicle was brought in 2021 to two factories in Italy for restoration work. In March he returned to Pininfarina, where technicians from the Cambiano plant worked on the hood, restoring the functionality of the opening and closing mechanism, along with a complete repaint. While a month later the interior was restored. In total, the price of the restoration was $ 94,100.

In November it was taken to Carrozzeria Zanasi, the Maranello specialist used by the Ferrari house for the finishing and painting of all the supercars of the Prancing Horse.

In turn, Tailor Made and Icona took over the mechanics. In addition to installing a new clutch and fuel pump, the technicians worked on disassembling, cleaning and restoring the engine and suspension. The cost of labor $ 83,000.

The engine was the first 12-cylinder boxer with 48 valves to be fitted to a Ferrari. It has a displacement of 4.9 liters and develops a power of 390 horsepower.

Source: Clarin

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