The trailer for the Lamborghini film appears: the story of the fierce fight with Enzo Ferrari arrives at the cinema

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On November 18, “Lamborghini: the man behind the legend”, the film that tells the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini and that, judging by the trailer released in the last few hours, does not escape an inch from the eternal rivalry he had with Enzo Ferrari. A story born from a misstep that could have shattered his self-esteem but, instead, ended up being the inner fire that pushed him to go further until he reached the glory he so sought.

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Written and directed by Bobby Moresco, the film chronicles the rise of a young Lamborghini – played by Frank Grillo -, who started well from the ground up and based on talent in the early 1960s, was already forging a good reputation as a producer. of tractors from northern Italy. Thanks to this, for example, he allowed himself the pleasure of enjoying the luxury sports cars of the Prancing Horse.

But unlike other Ferrari drivers, Lamborghini, passionate about cars, did not hesitate to approach Don Enzo and exchange views. Ferruccio complained The Commendatore from the problems he had with his Ferrari 250, and marked the Achilles heel of their vehicles: the clutch. Not only that, but he also assured him that he had a solution within his reach.

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Lamborghini not only caught the attention – somewhat reluctantly, but finally the attention – of Don Enzo, but also proposed to collaborate with him and share the poster in its developments. Of course, the idea did not go well with the capricious Ferrari, who openly refused the offer, outlining one of the many famous phrases of his fatherhood that have been recorded in history: “Go take care of your tractors, farmer.”

“The Ferraris only brought me problems, so tired of sending them to the workshop I called Enzo to tell him that his cars were garbage. His response was that a tractor manufacturer didn’t understand anything about his sports cars, ”Lamborghini later revealed.

The trailer demonstrates what was to be expected, that the scene is essential to the development of the film, the breaking point motivates Lamborghini to build his own sports car, the 350 GT which he unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1964. That was the car that started what eventually ended up as a true empire among the world’s most luxurious sports cars.

But the truth is that the film goes further and describes that encounter as the genesis of what would have been a true obsession for Lamborghini, a perfectionist who sought to develop the ultimate car for his own satisfaction, but also, to a certain extent. period, to humiliate Ferrari.

How the Lamborghini film was conceived

The first stone of “Lamborghini: the man behind the legend” was laid in 2015, when Ferruccio’s son and lucky official biographer, Tonino Lamborghini, made himself available to the producers to work on the screenplay. But since then and up to this premiere countdown, many things have changed; in principle, the title of the film itself, which originally had a subtle difference with the definitive baptism: “Lamborghini: the legend”.

Furthermore, Moresco, who initially would only be involved in writing the story, ended up keeping the megaphone and director’s chair after the departure of Michael Radford (“1984”, released that same year, and “The Postman”, from 1994, Moreover).

Even more sensitive is the fact that at that moment the protagonist would have been none other than Antonio Banderasbut the scheduling problems arose from the delays in the filming of the film and the Spaniard had to abandon the project, which was taken over by Grillo, famous for his roles as Nick Savrinn in the series “Prison Break” and Brock Rumlow in the films of the universe marvelous.

And something similar happened with Alec Baldwin, who was originally recruited to play Enzo Ferrari, but never made it to the film set. In place of him comes the Irish Gabriel Byrne, D’Artagnan in “The Man in the Iron Mask” (1998), who finally plays The Commendatore.

Source: Clarin

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