Córdoba: gas producers suspend sales and complicate the industry

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Córdoba: gas producers suspend sales and complicate the industry

Darío Martínez, Secretary of Energy, at the AOG 2022 exhibition.

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The complications of the industry to get gas are starting to cause political noise. Eduardo Accastello, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the province of Córdoba, He asked the Secretary of Energy -Darío Martínez- to attend a meeting. The theme is the “shortfalls in the supply of natural gas volumes agreed to in the offer”.

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Córdoba requests a meeting with Energy “before the notice that the industries located in the province have received from their wholesale distributors with regard to impossibility to continue supplies of natural gas volumes agreed to the offer, among other restrictions announced to them “.

Totalone of the major gas producers, informed Ecogas -the central distributor, which supplies Córdoba- that it does Technical shutdown. Because of that, I didn’t give him a few days.

Technical stops are common in the industry, usually and done once a year.

Production companies are obliged to inform their clients with the minimum 90 days in advance.

But what is also happening is having gas makers problems with fulfilling supply contracts. This is because some industries anticipate their purchases, so as not to be exposed to winter shortages.

Industrial producers try to anticipate their production of some particular product, in order to be prepared for the drop in gas in the winter months. Even the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) is trying to coordinate measures in this matter.

“As you will surely know, this measure recently notified (the supply disruption) to such companies about immediate compliance, preventing them from any kind of operational reprogramming and causing countless damages. due to the lack of energy resources that are strategic for the normal operation of the industries, “Accastello complained to Martínez in the letter.

The Cordovan minister requested an audience with Martínez.

The Secretary of Energy walks a fine line. He considers himself a man of Vice President Fernández de Kirchner. But he also did not want to quarrel with his boss, the Minister of Economy -Martín Guzmán-. In March, he wrote a note that was uploaded to Economy’s internal system in which he complained about the lack of funding. The same day they met, he said this disagreement had been resolved.

“We have received many concerns from industries belonging to the Cordoba production network that have received reference notices and it is our responsibility to try in every way to provide predictability to the industries to continuously improve production capacity. of Cordoba and contribute to the economic growth of our country ”, details Accastello to Energy.

In the Government they are trying to adopt measures aimed at ensuring that gas is not lacking in the winter, especially for housing. But to officials in the area there seems to be no one in charge who coordinates between producers, distributors and industry to order the process.

Source: Clarin

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