One by one, which were the last 10 winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics

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This Monday the names of the three winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics 2022 were known. Locally, the best known of this year’s winners is Ben Bernanke, former Fed chief under George Bush Jr. and Barack Obama. The award went to him and two other Americans, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig, for their research on how banks act in economic crises.

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Below is a review of the last 10 winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics, the award, officially known as “Bank of Sweden Prize for Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel”, it is the only one that does not appear in the will of the Swedish inventor of dynamite.

The Swedish Central Bank created it in 1968 and first handed it over in 1969.

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Year after year, the last 10 winners

2022: Ben Bernanke, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig (United States) for their contributions in explaining the financial crises and the role of banks in the economy.

2021: David Card (Canada), Joshua Angrist (USA / Israel) and Guido Imbens (USA / Netherlands) for their work on experimental economics.

2020: Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson (US) to “improve auction theory and invent new auction formats” to “benefit sellers, buyers and taxpayers around the world”.

2019: Esther Duflo (France / United States), Abhijit Banerjee (United States) and Michael Kremer (United States) for their work on reducing poverty around the world.

2018: William Nordhaus and Paul Romer (United States) for their models on the impact of economic activity on climate.

2017: Richard H. Thaler (United States) for his studies on the psychological and social mechanisms that influence consumer and investor decisions.

2016: Oliver Hart (UK / USA) and Bengt Holmström (Finland), contract theorists.

2015: Angus Deaton (UK / USA), “for his analysis of consumption, poverty and well-being”.

– 2014: Jean Tirole (France), for his work on “market power and regulation”.

2013: Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller (United States), for their studies on the financial markets.

2012: Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth (US), for their work on how best to reconcile supply and demand in the market, with examples on organ donation and education.


Source: Clarin

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