There are already importers who ask their customers to pay them with dollar bills

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The government is committed curb the “insane” importers, who overcharged or cut off transactions to gain access to the official dollar e doing business with the currency gap. But, by further closing the trap of international trade, the The government has convinced them to start looking for shortcuts too those companies that until now had operated normally, patiently waiting for their respective authorizations to pay abroad.

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Companies working with imported inputs are experiencing days similar to those following the resignation of Martín Guzmán from the Ministry of Economy.

There are companies that ship imported products directly sales have slowed They don’t know at what price to dispose of their shares because they don’t know if they will be able to replace them or at what value.

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Who sells, does it with price lists updated three times a week. And to calculate the dollar lists in pesos, others already use the MEP dollar (which is the dollar that is obtained by buying and selling bonds and trading at 297 dollars) or at most a “blue dollar”, between official (at 167 dollars). and blue ($ 292). If there is someone left who sells at the official dollar, they do so with quotas per customer.

But now, a new mode of payment that importers ask their customers: “We will work for the moment accept recycled dollar bills “it was the audio that a graphics category importer sent to explain the new conditions.

“By paying in dollars the bills will have a discount of 18%, that is, if they pay $ 100, they will pay $ 82 for the ticket. That is until we can have the MEP account and buy the dollars ourselves, which are processing it. There we will charge you in pesos to the blue dollarwith the same discount, “added the voice of the audio circulating among the customers of an importer of the graphic section.

This means that the dollar begins to become the common currency for the payment of commercial transactions within the country, beyond the real estate market?

The government has defined that companies that pay for imports with “their own dollars” will have automatic access to import authorizations, according to the new SIRA system, which came into force on 17 October. But they cannot do this by buying the MEP dollar if they want to have access to the official dollar in the future.

Is that there is currently a rule that claims that importers they cannot buy official dollars if 90 days before or after making a trade with the MEP dollar. But what if the purchase of MEP dollars is made by your customers?

If SMEs need to turn to the MEP dollar to obtain imported goods, supplies will be 80% more expensive.

But paying in dollars, if it can be done, is not all to pay for products overseas, but a good part will go to thicken the margins of importers. It is that only part of your expenses are in dollars (especially the FOB value of the product). The rest of your costs (taxes, insurance, freight, tariffs, statistical taxes) they are paid in pesos at the official exchange rate.

“The importer who charges his customers in dollars may want to cover the cost of financial engineering which allows him to pay abroad from a third country or to finance himself with a financial institution “, explains Esteban Marzorati, former national director of Imports. He also covers himself from a possible devaluation.

«But then – he adds -, when Sira leaves and will be able to cancel the financing with official dollars, it will have collected banknotes and paid official dollars. It is the best scenario for the importer, until the SIRA leaves, which was complicated. “

Source: Clarin

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