Scaloni’s list: behind the scenes of the video with which the coach announced the 26 players who will go to the World Cup

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this Friday at noon Lionel Scalloni sitting in front of a camera and provided, through a short video, the definitive list of the 26 called by Argentina national team for him Qatar World Cup 2022.

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The unfortunate decline of Young Lo Celso, caused the coach to take a few more days to give the payroll. “This is the list of players chosen for the Qatar 2022 World Cup”, were the first words of the American DT champion in the video published by Alfa through his social networks.

The Puja man has named all the Albicelestes footballers who will travel to the Middle Eastern country to face the competition for the most important national teams in the world. An imperial officer to his left and a blackboard in the background were enough to frame the official announcement.

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Also, there was a behind-the-scenes detail that was overlooked and noteworthy. What had he written on that blackboard?

Scaloni, who will be the youngest coach of Qatar 2022, gave the names of the country’s representatives, anticipating how he will behave in the World Cup. While he called the official squad of 26 players, In the background you can see the eleven holders of the Argentine national team with substitutes in every position.

This is not information that the rivals can exploit to take advantage of because Albiceleste’s team arrives at the World Cup with shooting and with the cards on the table. There are already certainties on the idea of ​​the coach.

A) Yes, you can see on that whiteboard that the tactical approach is a 4-3-1-2. A goalkeeper, four defenders, a line of three midfielders with a loose player in attack and two forwards. In some cases there are two players per position and in other cases there are three variations.

Although the surnames are not seen in detail, with the information of the day it can be anticipated that under the three posts they will be Emiliano Martinez, Geronimo Rulli or Franco Armani.

The right side will be occupied by Nahuel Molina, Gonzalo Montiel or John Foyth. The central defense will be Cristiano Romero, Nicola Otamendi, German pezzella or Lisandro Martinez. On the left side they will Marco Acuna or Nicola Tagliafico.

The defensive midfielder will be Leandro Paredes or Guido Rodriguez. He will be the right midfielder Rodrigo De Paolo or Enzo Fernandez. On the left they will act Exequiel Palacios, Alexander Gomez or Alexis MacAllister. Before the line the flounces will act loose Leone Messi or paolo dibala.

And then, two forwards will complete the TD’s scheme. on the right Angelo Di Maria or Nicola Gonzalez. And on the left a center forward with more office area, there are three variants: Joaquin Correa, Lautaro Martinez or Julian Alvarez.

“They are proud to have been called up and to wear this shirt, we hope you are too as fans, all together,” said Scaloni as soon as he finished naming the 26 chosen.

Doubts on the list

Although there were doubts about the presence of paolo dibalathe technical director has also decided to include Cordovan, who today trained alongside his teammates from Roma after having suffered an injury to the rectus femoris of the left leg during the execution of a penalty against Lecce on 9 October for the Serie TO.

The defender also won a place to travel for the World Cup John Foyth and the attacker Joaquin Correa. The Villarreal and Inter Milan players, respectively, are the last two names that ended up making the call with just enough. While, Angel strap Y Facundo Medina they had a chance to supplement the final list, but were eventually cut.

Source: Clarin

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