Germany regains full autonomy from the US.

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This was announced by BASF, the largest chemical company in Germany and the first in the world will invest 10 billion dollars in a new ultra-modern and almost fully automated plant in the People’s Republiceven more advanced than the one it installed at its headquarters in Ludwigshafen in the Federal Republic.

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To this he added that of the new factory in China in the Guangdong province it will only run on renewable energywithout causing any damage to the atmosphere.

The announcement was made by Martín Brudermüller, senior executive of BASF, as a member of the delegation consisting of the 80 leading German companiesall transnationals on the front line, who went to China ten days ago following the chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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By conveying this information, Brudermüller added with unusual sharpness in Germany: “Enough of the constant criticism of China. Europe would do well to examine its own shortcomings and weaknesses.

The increase in the price of energy caused by the Ukrainian war and the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States, the European Union and Great Britain have triggered a global energy crisis which imposed an additional cost of 2,200 million euros on BASF for the supply of natural gas to its European plants, compared to the levels it had in 2021; and this happened in a European chemical market that had practically stopped for 10 years.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed a day before his trip to China that “…Germany does not want to secede from the People’s Republic in any way”; with the addition that its dramatic rise in the global economy in no way justifies “…the calls of some to isolate it”, in an obvious, hardly euphemistic reference to the United States.

To this, the German chancellor added in an article published in the “Frankfurten Allgemeine Zeitung” that the relationship with China, although it has to change, especially when it comes to “…advanced technologies of the latest generation”, in it should in no way lead to a policy of confrontation of the blocs with Beijing.

Scholz expressed his view unequivocally: “Of all the countries in the world, Germany has the most painful experience of division and rupture during the Cold War; and for this reason it lacks interest in the emergence of new blocks that confront each other in the world”. “So even as international circumstances have changed, China continues to be a key trade and investment partner for Germany and Europe. This is why we do not want to separate ourselves from it in any way”.

The business delegation of the large German industry that accompanied Chancellor Scholz It consisted, in addition to the head of BASF, of the top management of Deutsche Bank and Siemens, as well as the CEO of BioNTech, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, and all the largest German car manufacturers, including Volkswagen and BMW. .

The People’s Republic was Germany’s largest trading partner for the past 6 yearsabove Europe, with an exchange of 243,000 million dollars in 2021, which increases by 8% per year.

The exceptional lucidity of the head of BASF is expressed in the language of necessity; and it is this logic at the basis of Chancellor Scholz’s trip to China.

This means that more than half of the Federal Republic’s GDP (US$4.23 trillion/5% of world GDP) is labor of their exports, essentially manufacturing; and its current account surplus is the world’s first in relation to output and its population of 84 million in 2021.

It should be added that for several years now, Germany’s current account surplus has also been the first in the world in absolute terms, to the point that it amounted to over 300,000 million US dollars in 2016, 2018 and 2020; and its main external market, superior to Europe, is China, to the point that it has transferred part of its car production there (Volkswagen today produces and sells more vehicles in China than in Europe).

It must be specified strategic decisions are not made out of necessity, which is an anonymous force of sociological characteristics. This is a task of politicians, of statesmen, which always takes place in a certain place and at a certain time, and through the work of certain personalities. This is the case of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, on his trip to China.

It can be guaranteed that history is not deterministic, although there is a determinism in history; and what is decisive in it is politics, the Kingdom of Freedom.

Yes Germany it does not acquire an essentially autonomous geopolitical role with respect to the United States. there is no chance to end the Ukrainian war, which is the cause of the global economic crisis.

This It implies that Europe regains total autonomy from the United States., as it had done during the exceptional period of General De Gaulle; And this is happening when the hegemonic leadership of the United States, led by President Joe Biden, is on the verge of extinction.

Chancellor Scholz, on his trip to China at the head of the top 80 German companies, it reverses the disruption that the Ukrainian war has caused in the world economyand this social democratic figure performs a task worthy of a new Bismarck.

Source: Clarin

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