Home Entertainment Amalia Granata recalled a serious accusation against Diego Maradona and Rocío Oliva replied: “He’s not here to defend himself”

Amalia Granata recalled a serious accusation against Diego Maradona and Rocío Oliva replied: “He’s not here to defend himself”

Amalia Granata recalled a serious accusation against Diego Maradona and Rocío Oliva replied: “He’s not here to defend himself”

In a night of strong crossroads in “La Noche de Mirtha”, Rocío Oliva and Amalia Granata had an important counterpoint when the discourse turned to the figure of Diego Maradona. The Santa Fe deputy brought to the table a serious accusation against the former Argentina captain, who died almost two years ago, and the former “10” teammate did not hesitate to respond.

Oliva reviewed her life with Maradona in Dubai, at a time when she directed Al Wasl, when the former model and TV presenter cut to “such a beautiful and lyrical moment.” “We must not forget that, beyond what he was a footballer, Diego Maradona was a rapist”, he shot, alluding to the public denunciation of Cuban Mavys Álvarez.

“He abused a minor, brought her to Argentina illegally, operated on her lolas, introduced her to drugs. We need to talk about this too,” Granata said on the program broadcast by The thirteen.

Oliva looked at her out of the corner of her eye and took a sip from her glass. Then he slipped: “Since it’s not there to defend itself, it’s always good to listen to everything”. Grenade counterattack: “Beyond the defense there are photos of him with girls kissing”.

Who joined the questions against Maradona was Pilar Rahola, moments after having had a cross with Luis Juez at the same table led by Mirta Legrand.

“I have to understand that you have a romance with him and that I’m not in it and I have nothing to say. But it must be said that a man who was a model as a footballer, he was not a model as a citizen. And this must be said,” said the former Spanish deputy football player and student of sports journalism.

And he added: “I found the spectacle of his death embarrassing. The final moment. The funeral, the story, the Casa Rosada. It was a horrible picture. And we were also on the subject of a pandemic. The image that Argentina gave was so, so atrocious”.

Oliva, Maradona’s partner for six years, tried a new defense: “Let’s remember it there were few hours to say goodbye of Diego Maradona with what the country is”.

But Granata is not willing to give up an inch: “At that moment, those of us who had a relative or friend died, we could not fire them. Then they enabled the trail of Maradona and We’ve all lost a loved one, but we couldn’t go”.

Rocío Oliva visited Diego Maradona’s grave: ‘I had the farewell I hadn’t had’

Oliva, on the other hand, who was unable to enter Diego Maradona’s funeral vigil at Casa Rosada, revealed that he had visited the grave of his ex-partner despite not having the relevant authorization.

“I live on the same street where he is buried, 15 blocks away in Bella Vista. I didn’t go at first as there was a lot of security and then I know many people who have relatives at the cemetery and they told me ‘come with me, as if we were going to see our family member and bring flowers to Diego,’” he said.

He added: “I’ve been there for a while because I didn’t want to compromise anyone, but I had the goodbye that I could not have. One carries people in the heart and I really love being with images, and I kept one of his alive.

Consulted by Mirtha Legrand, Oliva admitted that Maradona had asked her to marry him, but that they later separated “due to a question of age”.

“I wanted to do many things at the same time and one of those things was television, which I loved. it took me 30 years. I didn’t want to have children, at that time I was young and didn’t think about it, but I wanted to work on TV, which didn’t go with him. There was a matter of usury,” he explained.


Source: Clarin


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